These interviews show you how to build a profitable business around a blog.

They cover the fundamentals of content, branding and traffic.

Ramit Sethi Ramit Sethi on building a business — not a blog [63 minutes]

  • the #1 strategy for building an audience that will actually buy from you
  • the difference between readers and “students for life”
  • how to monetize for $1 million+, not just rent money
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Ana Hoffman Ana Hoffman on generating massive amounts of traffic to your site [78 minutes]

  • the secrets for getting millions of page views
  • a method of tweeting that beats the system
  • the 1 thing you aren’t doing (but should be) for email list retention
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Pamela Wilson Pamela Wilson on crafting a big brand on a small budget [54 minutes]

  • branding for bloggers explained in plain English
  • how to research the “look and feel” that connects with your audience
  • the 1 design element you should invest in right now
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