There are a lot of people that will tell you not to become a lawyer.

  • Some of them are jaded law school graduates that didn’t get a big firm job
  • A few of them are actual lawyers
  • And too many of them are the “quit your job and pay me money to tell you what to do with your life, lol” folks

One thing these anti-lawyers all have in common is statements that sound really dire, “law schools are graduating thousands of debt-laden certificate holders every year and there are only hundreds of jobs available.”

The truth is that it isn’t any harder to get a great job as a lawyer then it is to get a great job in any other field. The real issue is that law school graduates, just like pretty much everybody else, don’t know how to apply in a way that beats out all the other candidates. It’s easier to condone those damn money-hungry law schools and those damn baby boomers that just won’t retire; as if they are the reason you aren’t starting with a six-figure salary.

FYI: I’m a lawyer. I agree that legal education and the industry could use major reform.

Alright, even if you’ve bought into the anti-lawyer rigmarole and no longer believe you can be that high roller in the corner office, here are three reasons you should still become a lawyer:

#1: Impress Potential Mates & Old People

That title may sound facetious, but I’m 100% serious. Finding a life partner is one of the most important decisions you will make, and so it’s important to find the best partner you can. Being a lawyer helps. Into online dating? Writing lawyer on your profile will get you more matches. Prefer to approach potential matches in person? Casually drop that you are a lawyer and the default assumption is that you have a good job and don’t live in a creepy basement with a pet squirrel like my neighbour.

Also, parents everywhere will love you.

#2: Earn $300 Per Hour, the Easy Way

Earning $300+ per hour is possible, but doing it as something like a copywriter is actually legit difficult because you have to be SO much better than everybody else. If you want to earn really high hourly rates the easy way, become a lawyer, where the default assumption is that your time is valuable/expensive. As a lawyer, you can show up and sign important papers and earn $600. Or you can bill 15 minutes of work and pay for your lunch for the entire week. It’s pretty dope.

#3: Everyone Will Instantly Trust You

A lot of people like to joke about how lawyers are evil, you should never trust a lawyer, blah, blah, blah, etc. However, in practice people do trust lawyers and you can use this to your advantage.

If you are moving to a new city and looking for housing on Craigslist then everyone wants to know you have a legit job. “I’m a lawyer” helps. Same with selling stuff online, writing a blog, etc.

In conclusion, becoming a lawyer isn’t the terrible life path that internet gurus want you to believe it is. You will impress more dates, be able to charge $$$ rates and everyone will instantly trust you. Plus, bonus reason: you will understand most of the small print on packages and websites.

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