Hi, I’m Michael.

Here are some random facts about me…

  • I’m from Canada, but I spend a lot of time in NYC & China;
  • My favourite food is 烤鱼;
  • I believe my choice to play the lottery is rational;
  • If you don’t know where I am, I’m probably at Chipotle;
  • I was a ghostwriter for a NYT Best Selling Author;
  • IMO the one book everybody should read is Asimov’s Chronology of the World;
  • I am a fierce proponent that everyone should sleep on free Tempur-Pedics;
  • Sometimes I live off whip cream, protein powder and cocoa;
  • I observe the #1 Rule of the Internet;
  • April 3, 1985;
  • I share everything I know;

This is my personal site where I share what I’m working on and thinking about.

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