Ana Hoffman – What?! There Really Are Secrets to Getting Millions of Page Views?

Ana Hoffman registered the domain for Traffic Generation Cafe on June 08, 2010. Just 1.5 years later, her Alexa ranking is 8,764 (that means she gets a whole lot of visitors to her site). Impressive, right? I kind of thought that someone who has figured out the secrets to getting millions of page views would want to keep those secrets to herself.

I was wrong.

In this interview Ana shares the precise tactics she has used to bring enormous amounts of traffic to her website. We even broke those tactics down into actionable steps, so that anyone who watches the video can replicate them.

Watch this interview to learn:

  • the trick that makes Twitter users WANT to come to your site;
  • a method of Tweeting that beats the system;
  • how a few Facebook fans can be leveraged for higher traffic than 130,000 Twitter followers;
  • the one thing you aren’t doing (but should be) for solid email list retention;
  • why your niche blog isn’t getting traffic, and how to fix it;
  • how to skyrocket your conversions.

Thanks so much for watching, and I hope you enjoy the show.

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