8 Million Books to Read This Weekend

Some books are good and some are kind of shit.

The shit list also includes many best sellers.

β€œBest selling doesn’t mean best written” – Genghis Khan

πŸ‘‰ Some of the best books are barely known πŸ‘ˆ

Maybe because they are on unsexy topics like history, science, math, etc.

Also fiction!

And sometimes because they were written 30 or 100 years ago.

Important: You can read these books! And IMO we would all benefit from it.

Unknown books get you outside the echo of best seller info/opinions and help you develop more unique ideas.

Which makes you smarter, more charming and better at some trivia.

So if you are hunting for a new book…

Try one of the 8 million+ that aren’t on any best seller list!

How to find good books:

  • Talk to a librarian.
  • You have a 50/50 shot with Asimov’s non-fiction.
  • Browse Amazon for older books with a few positive reviews.
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