Feel free to contact me for:

  • media inquiries, when you are working on stories about millennial philanthropy, high-leverage giving, personal finances & living a mission based life;
  • speaking engagements, if you think my expertise and story may be a good fit;
  • investment opportunities, in projects that are mission based and have untapped marketing potential;
  • project collaboration, on anything that fights the exploitation of children;
  • expert round-up posts, on topics like personal finances, investing, charitable giving, writing, blogging and productivity;
  • answers to your questions about any of that; or
  • just to say “hello”.

Note: I am obsessed with writing efficient emails and I’d appreciate the same from you. If you are reaching out for the first time, then I recommend this four line template:

  1. Give relationship context, so you aren’t a random internet person, e.g., “I found you on LinkedIn” or “Rob is a mutual friend.”
  2. Give topic context, so the reader knows exactly what your message is about, e.g., “I just started a personal finance blog and am working on an expert round-up post related to charitable giving.”
  3. Give credibility indicators, so the reader knows you are legit, e.g., “Here is a link to a similar post I did featuring Jane Doe and Jenny Park: [LINK]” or “I also write for Lifehacker and I’ll push to get this article syndicated there, like this one: [LINK]”
  4. Ask for exactly what you want, so the reader knows how to respond. If you can, make it a yes or no question. “Can I record an interview with you on Monday at 11am for 30 minutes via Skype video?”
  5. Optional: include a P.S,Β that builds reciprocity to increase likelihood of response.Β e.g., “I just donated $25 to your charity” or “I published an article last month that linked to your article about productivity.”

Here is an example of a full “Give, Give, Give, Ask” email, optimized for efficiency:

Hi Michael,

I found you via your podcast with Neil Patel a few weeks back. I loved the info about landing pages!

I have a podcast about becoming a full-time freelance writer, but I’ve struggled to get high-profile guests on the show.

Here’s an example of a recent episode: www.fulltimefreelance.com

Would you be willing to introduce me to one person in your network that may be willing to do an interview?

Thank you,

Johnny Depp

P.S: I just signed up for your newsletter.