Mortality as a Second Class Motivator

Here’s something which fires me up:

“You only have one life to do everything you are ever going to do.”

However, this isn’t a unique thought and IMO it’s not even that interesting:

  1. I think about it often; and
  2. It’s held up by bloggers and life coaches everywhere as the ultimate motivator. “You only live once! Life is short! Go big or go home!”

Individual life IS short, especially on a cosmic scale, and you can add a further limiter that few folks include in the calculation: your healthy and able-bodied life is even shorter.

And so, acknowledging your mortality and death’s grip can be motivating to get shit done. I find this perspective energizing, at least for short bursts, but confronting your mortality is at best a second class motivator. There is something looming just a little further outside our consciousness which IMO is much stronger.

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DIY Mini Air Filter

When I lived in China I became acutely aware of air quality; the Air Quality Index would regularly hit 300+, and sometimes went as high as 755+ on a scale that used to have a maximum of 500. For perspective, NYC is generally below 70, and small-town Guelph is usually less than 10.

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The New King of Convenience: Why Dozens of Costa Rican Bodegas Are Going Out of Business

At the top of a long mountain road, deep in the Costa Rican countryside, is a small, unassuming convenience store: Mini Super Economico.

As far as convenience stores go, Mini Super Economico is unremarkable; it’s more of a shed really, with a stock of a few dozen products, mostly staples, and a sleepy shopkeeper at the till.

One peculiarity, however, made this bodega notable: it was attached to a luxury home buzzing with labourers and an expensive new truck, all of which are unusual for the area and certainly outside the spending power of the small shop.

Where is the money coming from?

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My Core Values

I think many people are aware of, or at least would agree that I operate by a set of core values, but very few could tell you exactly what those values are. That includes me 😞 This post is an attempt to share that list of values and their meanings, plus my thoughts on the definition and importance of values.

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Gear Post 2018

Sometimes I tell people I wear the same thing every day and they misinterpret it to mean something like “I wear the same style.”

It’s not the style. I literally wear the exact same shirt every day. Same with pants, socks, etc. Everything fits in one small backpack and US customs stops me because they don’t believe anyone packs like this. Also, I’m suspicious. I do not have any other clothing.

To me this bare-minimalism feels completely natural, but I know it’s not the norm. I’m writing this post because it entertains me and it might inspire you to try cutting down on your stuff. I’m including photos of my items, prices and where relevant why I chose these over other options.

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Piff the Magic Dragon Review

Last night I went to a Piff the Magic Dragon show in Peekskill, New York.

I’d rate the show 7/10, even though I’m probably not the target market for it.

Piff is more comedian than magician, and he’s actually pretty funny – though there was a difference between what I’d seen online and the on-stage performance. The show has more “put people down” humour, and less of the casual irreverence that I find entertaining. Example: Piff was on America’s Got Talent, and when it came time for the judges to review him, he started eating a banana. It’s just good, clean funny.

There were a couple of moments in the show that IMO crossed the line from irreverence to inappropriate. Example: Piff invited a lady up on stage and made a joke about how “she likes dick.” The audience seemed to find this funny, and it’s possible that me having the moral standing of a sensitive nun is partially at fault.

However, this article isn’t really about the show, it’s about a case of sexual harassment that America seems to have missed. Let me tell you about it…

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How to Cure Brain Fog + Feel Awesome!

Hey, if you have brain fog you probably have one of these health issues: cognitive impairment, neck pain, brain fatigue, poor digestion, rashes, headaches, excess weight, trouble sleeping, depression, anxiety, or one of many others.

Reality: Nobody feels 100% all of the time.

I’m writing this article because you CAN feel awesome if you follow a really strict health regime that I’m including here.

Disclaimer #1: It’s really hard to cure brain fog and feel awesome, and pretty much nobody does everything it takes to get better. How long does brain fog last? Taking action, and depending on how terrible you are feeling you may need 2+ weeks completely dedicated to taking care of yourself to clear the brain fog. Untreated, brain fog can last for years.

Disclaimer #2: I’m not a doctor, and if I was then other doctors would consider me a quack. This article is a personal account of what worked for me to clear over a decade of brain fog, neck pain, digestive issues and other symptoms.

Here’s my story for context and so you can see how this plan worked for me…

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