How to Write Epic Posts

The first articles I published online were kind of drab. I basically just emulated what many other people were doing: short articles with content that wasn’t unique. I was a good writer so these articles weren’t terrible, but no one read them. Then I interviewed Ramit and discovered the 6 Minute Rule, i.e., “If Ramit talks for six minutes I can write a pretty good article about it.”

But even a pretty good article doesn’t stand out online. By accident I discovered Epic Posts, a framework that produces 10,000+ word articles that drive a tonne of new traffic to the host sites. Epic Posts helped me land great clients, and helped friends of mine propel their businesses past six figures. One of these friends told me they now teach Epic Posts as part of Ramit’s Zero to Launch program.

In this interview, Howard Hermes interviews me about the step by step framework for writing Epic Posts.

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