Kristin Wong on How to Write for Major Media

Kristin Wong is a talented freelance writer. Kristin has written for sites like MSN, NBC, lifehacker, Get Rich Slowly, and many others.

I first found Kristin’s content last week when I was searching for another writer, and came across her profile on a popular blog. I reached out to interview Kristin because it’s clear she has a lot to share, and is a very effective communicator.

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Write Better Copy

This is another recording in the series where readers interviewed me about a wide variety of topics. Many of the questions are about freelance writing, how to earn money online, marketing and learning Chinese. This interview with Alex Vasquez is a little different.

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How to Write Epic Posts

The first articles I published online were kind of drab. I basically just emulated what many other people were doing: short articles with content that wasn’t unique. I was a good writer so these articles weren’t terrible, but no one read them. Then I interviewed Ramit and discovered the 6 Minute Rule, i.e., “If Ramit talks for six minutes I can write a pretty good article about it.”

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Advanced Freelancing Tactics – Robert Williams

I met Robert Williams a few years back when I interviewed him about his success as a freelance designer.

Now, Robert runs a cool online business, Workshop.

Basically, Workshop is a platform that connects designers and other service providers with business owners via streams of project leads. This service is especially valuable for people who are talented at their craft, but don’t have time or interest to do marketing. You pay the quarterly membership dues and Robert turns on the fire hose of project leads.

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