Danny Iny on How to Build a “Content Machine”

If you frequent ProBlogger, Copyblogger, Freelance Switch, Passive Panda, Traffic Generation Cafe or Think Traffic then you know today’s guest: Danny Iny of Mirasee. In the last year, Danny made 80-something quality guest posts on these top blogs (and others), which helped propel his old site, Firepole Marketing, to the Alexa 50,000’s and earn over $25,000 in the first year. Somehow Danny also found time to get married and write his book: Engagement from Scratch.

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Ana Hoffman – What?! There Really Are Secrets to Getting Millions of Page Views?

Ana Hoffman registered the domain for Traffic Generation Cafe on June 08, 2010. Just 1.5 years later, her Alexa ranking is 8,764 (that means she gets a whole lot of visitors to her site). Impressive, right? I kind of thought that someone who has figured out the secrets to getting millions of page views would want to keep those secrets to herself.

I was wrong.

In this interview Ana shares the precise tactics she has used to bring enormous amounts of traffic to her website. We even broke those tactics down into actionable steps, so that anyone who watches the video can replicate them.

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How to Ask Good Questions – David Igono

I love this interview! Often, when people ask to interview me it’s about business, entrepreneurship, productivity, money, etc. David Igono is a savvy businessman, sports expert and¬†skilled communicator. In this interview we talked about how to do better interviews. If you host a podcast, or have been thinking about using interviews to network or to get new clients, then this is the interview for you.

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Pace Smith on Creating a Mission Based Business

We often think of business and charity as mutually exclusive, i.e., that pursuing one means setting aside the other. Pace believes you can have your charitable cake and eat it too. This interview includes specific advise to write a manifesto and build a community around your mission; whatever that is.

Lori Deschene on Building a Passionate Online Community

Lori Deschene’s tiny buddha is one of the coolest blogs online. Why? Because Lori has cultivated one of the most engaged and well intentioned communities I’ve ever seen. There are a lot of guest posts written by non-writers – they don’t even have a blog to link oo. The comments are often very personal and insightful responses to the articles. Basically, tiny buddha IS NOT about self promotion, getting “hits” on Google Analytics or earning a lot of money. Instead, it’s built from the ground up to be a community where people are safe to share wisdom that enriches our lives.


Me too.

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