Kristin Wong on How to Write for Major Media

Kristin Wong is a talented freelance writer. Kristin has written for sites like MSN, NBC, lifehacker, Get Rich Slowly, and many others.

I first found Kristin’s content last week when I was searching for another writer, and came across her profile on a popular blog. I reached out to interview Kristin because it’s clear she has a lot to share, and is a very effective communicator.

Highlights from the interview:

  • Why Kristin lives in Los Angeles and why you probably shouldn’t if you are new to freelancing;
  • How to clear your schedule and be more productive even when you are an obsessive planner;
  • When you should say no to $$$;
  • How to reach out to people that can help you;
  • The 2 minute method to get featured on major media;
  • What it’s like to write for major media sites;
  • Her writing process and “Editor Method’ for writing without errors;
  • How to deal with Rule #1;
  • Kristin asking me to clarify my questions 😀

Check out Kristin’s personal site for more information about her freelance writing services. Kristin also writes on The Wild Wong, where she shares ideas about personal finance, freelancing, travel and more.

Here’s the interview…

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