Finally: A Way For Creatives To Stand Out On LinkedIn

Do you get business from LinkedIn?

If not, you aren’t alone. You opened an account two or three years ago, right? You filled it in with some of the basic info and uploaded a picture. Since then you’ve accepted a few connections and maybe left or received a review. Not much else. So how come you hear these stories about people networking their way to six-figure jobs, or landing mega contracts through LinkedIn?

Here’s the thing. There’s a reason those people are getting big deals, while you are left feeling like LinkedIn is a waste of time. They know the proven strategies for making their profile stand out. Read on for those strategies.

You Don’t Know How to Use LinkedIn

Standing out on LinkedIn is worth the effort – it is a targeted network of business professionals with money to spend on your services. And getting those leads isn’t difficult, but it’s different than what you are doing on Facebook and Twitter. The problem is nobody ever told you how to use LinkedIn.

It’s Not Your Fault! LinkedIn Has A Lot Going On

So the good news is that it’s not your fault, and it’s easy to fix. The thing is that LinkedIn profiles are intimidating. You have to fill out a summary, work experience, education – and even remember all the dates that go with it. There are buttons and headlines everywhere, all vying for your attention. No wonder you can’t find the places to optimize, because they are hidden amongst the many other features.

You may have noticed some of those features before. Groups. News. Jobs. Inbox. Maybe you’ve scrolled through them, but none of them seem that useful, right? No wonder you aren’t getting the work you deserve.

Install These Key Applications To Make Your Profile Stand Out

Imagine what you would do, and if you went to someone’s profile and it had something like that. It’d be so much different than every other profile you have ever seen. And it almost – you would want to respond to that person just because it was so different and was so compelling and so engaging and interesting — things like that.

Lewis Howes, author of two books on LinkedIn strategy

The solution is to start treating LinkedIn like your professional profile online, not just a resume. You can optimize your profile using applications. Lewis Howes says the essentials are WordPress, SlideShare and Twitter.

Just the presence of these applications is eye catching. WordPress and Twitter keep your profile looking up to date with new posts. SlideShare is really special. If you are a designer, you can use the slides to show off work from your profile. You can also use this application to show a YouTube video. This feature is useful for more than just video producers or animators. You can upload a short video introducing yourself and your work. When someone views your profile, the video will automatically start playing and they will hear your voice and see your face. It’s something they weren’t expecting because they’ve never seen it before. It makes you stand out and shows them you really are a smart and creative thinker.

The content for this blog post is based off this Mixergy course with Lewis Howes, and he provides this script for your video.

Imagine you go to someone’s profile… and then all of a sudden you hear me saying, “Hey, thanks so much for checking out my LinkedIn profile. My name is Lewis Howes. Go ahead and scroll down this page really quick, because I want to tell to you a little bit about who I am, who I help, and how I can help you specifically right now.”

And then I go into my spiel about, you know, I help people with LinkedIn, get more leads, track some sales. And I kind of go into this pitch. And at the end I give a call to action that says, “You know what? If you think that you could really use help in this, give me a call right now. My number is on the screen right here, you know, or e-mail at [email protected] E-mail me because I’m happy to help you out and get your questions answered right away.”

How to Install the Applications

Here’s the overview of how to get those apps setup.

  1. login to LinkedIn
  2. on the navigation menu click “More” then “Get More Applications”
  3. click the header of desired application
  4. follow on screen instructions

It really is that simple. For WordPress you just need to input your blog’s URL. You add Twitter by signing in with your username and password.

Setting up the YouTube video is a little less obvious, so let me walk you through it. First, follow the overview to install SlideShare. Next go to and upload a slideshow. Your upload can be one slide or 100 – it doesn’t matter. Next, click on your username in the top right and go to My Uploads. Click the Edit button for your slide. On the new top navigation press Insert YouTube Videos. Paste the link for your YouTube video and from the drop down menu put the video before the slideshow. Displaying the video before the slideshow is important so that it will automatically play when a person views your profile. Press Insert & Publish. Now you can return to LinkedIn and select your file from the SlideShare application.

And that’s it, you are ready to rock LinkedIn and really stand out from the crowd. Good luck!

Bonus Tip: If you are an author, use LinkedIn’s Reading List application to showcase your book(s) on your profile.

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