Mark Kennedy & Jess McClellan scheduled their South Carolina exactly in the middle of Hurricane Matthew.

Ugh :- (

The week of, Mark & Jess bumped up the wedding by a couple of days and did their own whirlwind to make sure friends and family could still attend. The local news covered the story first, “the lovebirds braving the storm”, and later it was picked up in the New York Times. The marriage was also announced in the New York Times.

My understanding is that weddings are super stressful, even if it’s “good stress”. And then you had a Category 5 Hurricane on top of it… Friends and colleagues made videos of support to send good vibes to Mark & Jess in McClellanville; today’s video is my minor contribution. I recorded this video at the airport in Toronto on the way to NYC. Congratulations to Mark & Jess!

P.S: the background song is “Let it Go” by Great Big Sea.

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