35 Online Team Building Games for Work

Sometime in the last twenty years, the American Dream shifted from a puppy, two kids, +1 and a picket fence to something more like, “working from home without pants.”

And with that shift, came a growing trend toward online team building.

Online team building is the intentional allocation of resources toward boosting engagement, morale and connections of remote teams. Engaging in online team building games is one way that organizations pursue this virtual engagement.

Team building online isn’t new, but until recently these activities and games had a limited audience. Now, with more organizations implementing work from home policies, online team building is more relevant and in demand than ever.

This article includes some of the best online team building ideas around.

Pro Tip: Press “Command + D” to bookmark this list – I update it often.

The Best Online Team Building Activities for Remote Teams

There are at least thousands of companies around the world that provide local team building events, but relatively few that offer virtual team building activities. And even fewer that offer the same quality experience online as you would expect face-to-face.

1. 100% Virtual Team Building by teambuilding.com

Via our teambuilding™ parent brand, we provide a variety of team building activities for remote teams. These options include Online Office Games, which is a speed-series of team activities including typing tests, spreadsheet pixel art and the world’s fastest dance class. For slightly less fun and more learning we also run workshops like How to Manage Remote Teams, How to Work Remotely, and Online Storytelling Workshops. We also have a variety of experts available to run lunch and learns for you and your coworkers. Check out some of my favorite teambuilding.com reviews.

2. tiny campfire 🔥

tiny campfire runs virtual campfires for remote workers. The experience includes historic ghost stories, fun online team building games and activities, trivia, and real s’more making.

Before the event, the camp team sends each of your team members a care pack that includes a campfire-candle, matches, s’more ingredients and other goodies. Then, on camp day, we send out a link to a video conference call and introduce your team to their camp counsellor. The experience is smart, fun, wildly engaging and highly recommended for remote teams.

3. War of the Wizards

War of the Wizards is a virtual role playing game (RPG) for teams. The format is similar to Dungeons and Dragons, and very much simplified for the audience and time available.

war of the wizards

The premise of the game is that two wizards, neither particularly good or evil, are in an ongoing battle that neither quite knows how started. Participants at the event are the wizards’ minions, and must complete games and challenges to earn resources to fuel the war effort. The game is wildly fun, smart, and story-based; perfect for both RPG noobs and advanced gamers.

Learn more about War of the Wizards.

Free Online Team Building Activities

Investing in team building doesn’t have to be with money, it can also be with time, effort and care. If you are planning your own online team building activities then consider the following ideas.

This section includes free activities and games.

4. Five Clicks Away

Five Clicks Away is a suspenseful logic game, and one of the easier to implement free virtual team building activities. To play Five Clicks Away, you start with seemingly unrelated topics: for example, the start point could be “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” and the end point could be “Barack Obama.” Then, you navigate to the start point on Wikipedia and start clicking through the available links. Your goal is to get to the end point in five clicks or fewer. If you make it to the end point then you get one point, and if you do not then you get zero points.

I recommend playing at least three rounds of Five Clicks Away. For new players, the game can be a little difficult to navigate. However, as you learn more about Wikipedia’s site architecture, you will rapidly improve at finding your way to the desired topics.

5. Star Gazer

For most of human history, our understanding and recording of the cosmos was from the Northern Hemisphere. The night sky from above and below the equator is distinct, but the act of gazing into the depths of the universe is still unifying.

Choose a night for all of your team members to take 10 minutes to go outside and look at the stars. Focus your people on the scale of the universe and how from the star’s view everything we do looks so small. Noting our place in the universe is a powerful perspective to bind your people around.

6. Mister Rogers Calls

One of our favourite ways to do virtual team building internally is via something we call Mister Rogers Calls. On a given frequency, for example 1x per month, the Donut app matches our team members to setup a thirty minute video call. The only guideline for this call is that you aren’t allowed to talk about work. Giving employees paid time to talk about common interests outside of work projects is a powerful way to do remote team building and build meaningful relationships.

7. Online Team Building Bingo

Bingo isn’t just for summer camp, retirement homes and cruise ships; it’s a fun online team building game too. You can challenge your colleagues to a quick round of Remote Work Bingo, awarding points for accomplishments like hearing someone say, “Sorry, I was on mute” or trying the Pomodoro Method to stay productive.

Online Team Building Bingo is a quick, fun and easy option for free remote team building activities. If you do want to and are able to make a small investment in the game, then you could also add real world prizes like an Amazon gift card or something more fun and unique to your group.

8. Icebreaker Questions

You can and should start most of your virtual meetings and happy hours with a quick round of icebreaker questions. Setup the experience by stating the prompt, then telling the next person up to get on deck, and then sharing your answers to the prompt. For example, you could have participants share their name, role or responsibilities, and why they prefer cats or dogs. If you are new to using icebreakers for remote team building then choose prompts that are easy to answer and share about, otherwise the quieter folks in your squad are going to be pretty damn nervous.

Check out this list of virtual icebreakers to use at your next team meeting.

Icebreaker questions are an entirely free way to get started with online team building, and it only takes a few minutes. Try it!

9. Lightning Trivia ⚡

Team building activities for virtual teams tend to be more engaging when they are fast pace. For your next video conference call, you can incorporate a Lightning Trivia round as one way to boost energy and spirits.

For Lightning Trivia, fire off rapid trivia questions and award points to the first person to shout out the answer. The speed and anticipation of the event will keep your people on their toes and ready for the next round.

You can also use a platform like Kahoot for the trivia questions.

Pro Tip: I recommend pausing for about 1 minute between rounds to give your people a moment to catch up with the pace of the game.

10. Virtual Show & Tell

To add an element of fun to your next virtual call, try doing a quick show and tell. You can either have participants plan to bring an object in advance, or just grab the nearest unique object within arms reach. For the actual share-out, give a simple framework to help ease nerves about sharing something personal. For example, you could have people share what the object is, where they got it, and why they like it.

11. Chinese Lessons

Learning to read, write and speak Chinese is one of the most empowering skills I’ve ever built. I started learning in college with two semesters of introductory Chinese that covered the basics of pronunciation, grammar and simple vocabulary. Those two classes were enough to allow me to functionally live in China and keep studying on my own.

Studying a language together is a powerful bonding experience. You and your remote team members can work with a teacher to learn the basics, practice together, and do quizzes to make sure you continue to develop. If you are a remote company that does in-person retreats, then a future trip could be to China to visit the Great Wall and Emei mountain. Studying, learning and travelling together will bond your people and ramp up engagement.

12. Bon Jovi Karaoke

Three things unify bars across America:

  1. Beer.
  2. Bon Jovi.
  3. Occasional Karaoke Nights.

Also, drunk college kids.

You can combine at least two of these elements with Bon Jovi Karaoke, which is exactly like it sounds. For Bon Jovi Karaoke, shortened to BJK, challenge your team members to record themselves singing a Bon Jovi song. I recommend Shot Through the Heart, which is different than “You Give Love a Bad Name.” A strong alternative is “It’s My Life.”

Here is the music video for inspiration:

Your remote team members can decide whether they want to belt the anthem, do a dramatic reading of the lyrics or anything in-between. Record each song, and then have the most techy person on your team string the recordings together into a music video. Creating a music video together, or really any creative projects between peers, is a great way to bond people.

13. “Don’t Stop Me Now”

“Don’t Stop Me Now” is a version of Bon Jovi Karaoke except specifically limited to the Queen song of the same name. “Don’t Stop Me Now” is a powerful, motivating anthem that will bring high-spirits and energy to your team. Recording your own version of the song will unify your people around one of the greatest songs ever performed.

You may want to use other songs by Queen for your music video, and that would be against the rules. Instead, record “Don’t Stop Me Now” and keep havin’ a good time.

14. Praise Train

When it comes to praise at work, people tend to respond in one of three ways.

  1. Soak the praise up like golden rays of sun on a Bali beach.
  2. Accept the praise and “keep cool.”
  3. Aggressively deflect that praise on to literally anyone else, AKA the Michael method.

Each member of your team will likely fit into one of the above categories. However, one thing will secretly unify your people regardless of category: they love getting praise. Start a praise train where each person compliments each others work in succession and watch the employee engagement take off.

For example, you could praise someone on their work ethic, and that person could praise a colleague on a great client call, and that person could praise someone for writing a great blog article and so on.

15. Pancakes vs Waffles

Pancakes vs Waffles is a fun game I learned from Ethan. The game mechanics are focused on friendly debate and unanimous decision making, which can be helpful for team building with remote workers.

To play Pancakes vs Waffles:

  1. Announce the great debate; either pancakes or waffles is going to disappear from existence and your team has to make the choice.
  2. When the team decides, anyone can nominate a new contender. For example, if pancakes survived the first round then someone may suggest cabbage.
  3. The nominations tend to scale up into existential questions quickly. Bunnies or love? Love or humanity?

Here is an example game of Pancakes vs Waffles that demonstrates how it might go.

There is no definitive end point to the game, so you can play until your team is ready to move on. Pancakes vs Waffles is a great way to engage the introverts on your team, because everyone has an opinion about some of the more trivia subjects of debate. You can play Pancakes vs Waffles over Zoom, Webex, Google Hangouts and other virtual meeting platforms.

16. Never Eat Alone

A wildly popular book that I haven’t read is Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi. My assumption is that you can get the entire point of the book from the title, which is to eat with other people. Sharing food may be one of the oldest human bonding activities, and you can adapt it for the virtual workplace too.

With Never Eat Alone, schedule a time on your company calendar for an Open Seat Meal. Anyone on your team can attend a video conference call during this time, with no specific agenda. Instead, team members can enjoy a meal and chat with each other about whatever comes up. Never Eat Alone is effective for remote team building because it simulates the casual down-time you have in offices.

Pro Tip: Schedule your Never Eat Alone sessions on a recurring invite, with at least one session per week.

17. Five Minute Book Talks

One way to increase engagement with remote teams is to have your people participate in running meetings. Five Minute Book Talks is one way to curate and add structure to this participation.

For Five Minute Book Talks, invite one team member at each meeting to make a short presentation on a favorite book. The genre of the book can be anything in the world of fiction, non-fiction or otherwise. If you encourage your remote workers to make a quick slide show about the book, then you also help them build useful skills for online communication. It’s win-win.

Here is a list of books for inspiration.

One of the reasons Five Minute Book Talks are so effective is that people like supporting their peers. When you setup portions of the meeting with this peer to peer interest, you optimize for engagement.

18. Virtual Pen Pals

When I was 18, I found a Geocities site that connected people around the world as pen pals. I wanted to use the site to make new friends, practice languages, and talk to girls. My confidence was low, but my positive attitude was high. Fast forward 17 years, and I’m still friends with one of those pen pals.

For Virtual Pen pals, connect people at your organization that work in different offices or even different countries. The more limited the relationship the better, so try to make connections where none already exist. These team members then have the task of sending handwritten letters to each other each month. The practice of handwriting, and the feeling of receiving actual mail are both joyful experiences that will contribute to close connections for your virtual team.

Since mail costs money, you could put this idea in the category of “nearly free” virtual team building activities. However, your invest will not only help build connections between your remote workers, but also contribute to the continuation of a dying art, so it’s worth it.

Online Team Building Games for Remote Teams

Similar with activities, the plush woodland of online games gives way to a virtual tundra when you add the “team building” criteria. I believe the reason for this gap in the market is that online games are typically designed for either the mass market, ardent gamers, or as a trick to steal your credit card information. Compared to these consumer markets, B2B online team building games look like a unicorn at Christmas; cute but out of place. Still, there are some online team building games for remote teams that you can play.

This section includes online games for virtual teams, virtual meeting games, and other fun virtual game ideas.

19. Werewolf

You may have played Werewolf at summer camp or on one of our recent company retreats. Werewolf is a game of wits, deceit, and skilful manipulation as you seek to survive the night. The entire game is based on speaking, careful listening and voting, so you can run the experience in a virtual conference room.

To start the game, players draw cards that assign the role of werewolf, villager, medic or seer. Werewolves do the eating, villagers vote werewolves off the island, medics can save a player and seers can peer deep into another player’s soul to reveal their wolf-status.

Once everyone has a role, the game master announces that night has fallen, and everyone closes their eyes and makes pitter-patter noises to mask other sounds. The game master then asks the werewolves to wake-up and select a victim, followed by the medic who points to one person to save, and the seer who points to one person to reveal. Finally, the game master announces the sun is rising and reveals whether a villager became wolf-grub during the night. Unless the medic saved the right villager, the answer to the “did someone get eaten” question is generally “nom nom yes.”

Anyone the werewolves eat becomes a ghost and cannot speak for the remainder of the game, which is more frustrating for the quiet ghost than anyone else. The survivors debate who might be a werewolf, and then vote to either eliminate someone or skip the round. Rinse and repeat until you only have villagers or wolves left.

Werewolf is highly tactical and makes for fun online team building games for remote teams because it fuels a lot of discussion. Also, FYI the werewolf is almost always Kate.

Here are more detailed instructions on how to play werewolf.

20. Water Cooler Trivia

Water Cooler Trivia provides weekly emailed trivia questions for remote teams. The system then collects answers from your people, awards points and winners. The goal is to spark conversations and friendships at at the office via an ongoing and fun virtual game.

Learn more about Water Cooler Trivia.

21. Matchmaker, Matchmaker

Matchmaker is a game we play at the museum via Museum Hack. Essentially, you pair up team members and then have each person choose a favourite image. You can use famous paintings, historic figures, nostalgic cartoons or presidents. Then, the pairs create a story about how the two characters met, if they fell in love, and where they are at now. This game is meant to be an exercise in storytelling, improvisation and creativity. Matchmaker is an easy way to get started with online games for virtual teams.

22. Something in Common

One of the quickest online team building games you can play is Something in Common, which is a challenge that encourages your remote teammates to learn more about each other. For this game, assign your people into small groups and then have each group identify the three most unique things they have in common. For example, a group might find a common love for Shakespeare’s Macbeth, experience with childhood violin lessons, and a disdain for fiery Cheetos. If you want to do multiple rounds then you can make the game more challenging by removing broad categories like movies, books and food.

23. Guess the Emoji Board 🤔

A few years ago, emojis were a quaint part of the internet that you weren’t quite sure if it was okay or not to include in professional messaging. Now, depending on your industry and colleagues, you may have a 50:50 shot; or if you are me, liberally send hearts and sun-shines to nearly anyone.

With more frequently used emojis comes a record of your most frequently used emojis, which you can snap a screenshot of and upload for your team to see. If, like me, you and the folks on your remote team gravitate toward shrugs, flexes, Canada flags and Pokémon balls, then it is fun to see the record of it.

You could also play a quick online team building game like “Guess the Emoji Board.” Here is how you play:

  1. Distribute a list of all players to each player.
  2. Everyone has five minutes to guess the five most used emojis by each person on the list.
  3. Reveal the answers and award points both for “having it in the top 5” as well as “having it in the right order.”

Guess the Emoji Board is a quick game and therefore will entertain your team for a quick amount of time. However, if you are looking for ways to make a virtual meeting fun or engage a virtual team, then a quick round of emoji ranking can help.

24. Multiplayer Battleship

The advertised phrase, “you sunk my battleship!” should ring nostalgic to anyone that grew up in the 80s and early 90s. That nostalgia is something you can play off of with your work from home team building games. For example, you can introduce a game of Battleship to your team as part of a culture initiative for the month.

There are two main ways you can adapt Battleship is a virtual game for remote teams.

First, you can organize a round-robin competition where players compete to knock their colleagues out of each bracket. The competition should become increasingly fierce the further you get along, and you can ultimately reward the top players with lavish praise, virtual high-fives and maybe real world prizes.

Second, you can play multiplayer Battleship which is similar to playing Go Fish with multiple people. To organize the game, each player has a board and you take turns in a rotation. On each turn, a player announces who they are firing at, as well as the square they are targeting. Multiplayer Battleship introduces game mechanics like short term alliances and defensive pacts to help vanquish the competition.

If you need a refresher on how to play battleship, then check out these instructions.

Pro Tip: You don’t need an official Battleship board to play multiplayer Battleship. Instead, you can use a printout board with ships and a marked to cross boxes off.

25. Solitaire Tournament

Anyone that got their first family computer in the 90s, definitely played at least one game of Solitaire on it. Today, two groups of people play solitaire: my grandma, and no one.

You can organize an epic Solitaire tournament for your people and see who can race through the deck quickest. This digital team building game takes patience, precision and thoughtful risk taking; which are all good attributes to develop for remote team.

You can play Solitaire 100% free online by searching “play solitaire” on Google. You don’t even need to access a website or download software, because Google has a built in version you can play instead.

Solitaire screenshot

Super cool.

26. Minesweeper Online Team Tournament

Minesweeper is another online game you can magically play on Google. You just search for “minesweeper” to play. Challenge your remote employees to a cutthroat round of the classic online game, and time your scores to see if you can beat each other and me.

Minesweeper screenshot

I recently finished a round in four seconds, unsuccessfully, so the bar is both high and pretty darn low.

27. Lexulous

Whenever I visit home in Canada, two things happen: I can read the speedometer on the car again, and I play a lot of Scrabble with my mom.

Lexulous is a free online Scrabble-type game you can play with remote teams. The game follows the same rules as Scrabble, with the major differences being that you have 8 tiles instead of 7 and some of the letters have different point values.

Lexulous and similar programs work well for virtual team building because they provide an asynchronous experience. One player can make a move, and then wait for the other player to make a move. This style works particularly well for people that work from home in different time-zones. You don’t need to be playing or even awake at the same time, and instead you can login when it is convenient for you.

Learn more about Lexulous and consider it for a future round of online team building games.

28. Risk With Friends

In high school, Jay, Dave and I would play Risk for hours and then go sit in a hot tub. It was great, except for Dave’s strategy of only fortifying Australia and then only attacking me. Jay won every time, and not just at Risk, but also pool. We played for a title, and my understanding is that Jay still has the title of “sexiest man alive.”

Risk is an epic strategy game that is heavily trademarked. You can play an online version totally free if you are willing to call it Warzone instead. Warzone is an online game platform that virtual teams can use to compete in strategic operations to conquer the world. Your remote team members can form alliances, trade resources and other collaborative elements while also planning to take each other down. Warzone, AKA Risk, is a fun way to get your people working both together and against each other.

Learn more about Warzone, which is a fun game for virtual teams.

29. Nintendo Tournament

Emulator.Online is a website that I both love and would cringe to defend in a class-action trademark infringement case. The website catalogues at least hundreds of games from platforms like NES, SNES, Gameboy and Sega Genesis, which is both cool and legally problematic.

For as long as this website remains online, you and your colleagues can use it to play fun online team building games together. You could host an Excitebike race, Punch-Out! competition, or Rampage challenge. With retro games, Emulator.Online is your online team building oyster. Choose a game, choose a challenge and get started with some fun competition.

Check out Emulator.Online for your next round of remote team building activities.

Online Team Building Challenges

One way to do bond remote teams is to engage your employees in fun challenges. This section includes fun ideas for virtual challenges for remote teams.

30. Inbox Zero Challenge

Anyone that works on a computer knows the feeling of mild tension that comes from having dozens of emails sitting in your inbox. You can help relieve that tension and do a little team bonding with an Inbox Zero Challenge.

For this challenge, do a 10 minute training session on how to clear an inbox, including tips like archiving, boomeranging to a future date, and letting go. Then, give your people 30 minutes to clear their own inboxes and award prizes for both individual achievements as well as group goals. If everyone hits inbox zero then everyone gets a prize.

31. Hydration Nation

The first summer I visited China, Igor and I would eat salty food and then wander around in the sun for hours. The result was two parched Canadians, and the creation of a fun challenge I call Hydration Nation.

For Hydration Nation, create a shared spreadsheet with all participant names in the first column, and the days of the month across the top row. Each day someone drinks at least three large cups of water, that person gets to mark an “x” off on the sheet. At the end of the month, tally the “x” marks in each row, and award a well hydrated winner.

32. Do Literally Anything Active Challenge

A full lock-down in the Canary Islands means that I go outside once per week for groceries, and am partly out of breath after twenty minutes of walking. I can and should improve my fitness by doing literally anything active throughout the other six days of the week.

Get your team on board for a “move your body” challenge, and track it in a shared spreadsheet. At the beginning of the week or month, each person chooses an activity to commit to, and then marks an “x” off on each day they complete it. Your people can choose jumping jacks, a quick walk, yoga, tai chi, and literally anything that gets them up and away from the computer.

33. Identify the National Anthem Challenge

For Identify the National Anthem, one person on the virtual calls takes the role of DJ and makes a playlist of 10 national anthems from around the world. On the call, the DJ starts a song and participants can shout out which nation the anthem belongs to. You get 1 point for your team for being the first to guess the nation right, and if no-one guesses by the end of the song then all teams lose 1 point.

Here are some recommendations of national anthems to include:

  • France
  • Japan
  • Singapore
  • Canada 🇨🇦
  • Finland
  • Turkey

You can find all of the national anthems on YouTube.

34. The Price is Almost Right

Bob Barker will go down in history as the face of The Price is Right. Aside from bold statements about the legacy of a man, the game show is also inspiration for the next virtual team challenge.

The Price is Almost Right is a game where the host of a virtual conference call holds up household objects and other attendees shout out prices. The first person to guess within five cents of the actual retail price without going over gets 1 point for their team. If you guess over the retail price then you are out for that round, but your team members may continue.

35. The Longest Word

The Longest Word is a sometimes quick game you can play on video chats and conference calls. To play, arrange your people into teams and challenge them to spell a very long word.

For example, pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis is as hard to say as it is to spell. The team that gets closest to the correct spelling, judged by an arbitrary eyeing, wins. The winning team can then bet double or nothing by guessing the meaning of the word too.

The Benefits of Online Team Building

Sometime in the last twenty years, the American Dream shifted from a puppy, two kids, +1 and a picket fence to something more like, “working from home without pants.”

And this desire for rolling out of bed, turning on a screen and being at work is totally understandable. You save hundreds of hours a year in commuting time, the only people stealing your lunch are those you choose to live with, and pants are for the most part completely optional.

Yet, for as long as people have been fawning over the dreamy grass on the other side of the remote work fence, they have also been underestimating the unique challenges that come with it.

For example, loneliness. Before I started working remotely, I took for granted the social aspect of work. Strolling into the office, nearly on time, saying hi to a few folks and then hanging with mostly Dennis was an important social outlet. We didn’t have a water cooler, but we talked.

Remote workers do not have this basic social support system. If you live alone, and even more so without furry friends, then socializing becomes something you need to plan and execute on deliberately. Multiply this requirement by 10x for introverts and 100x for me, a known recluse. The result is lonely days, lonely nights, lonely weekends, and putting End Game on as background noise for the 47th time.

Online team building activities are like rays of sunshine is an otherwise cloudy, seasonally affective disordered day. When you get together with your remote work colleagues, you can have meaningful conversations, do team activities together, play games and build strong relationships. With time and intentional effort these co-working relationships become genuine friendships and sometimes life partners.

More benefits of these online team activities include:

  • Increase engagement for remote workers
  • Play online team building games that build skills like communication and collaboration
  • Fun activities for remote teams contribute to job satisfaction and retention
  • Digital team building is a way to invest in company culture

There are more benefits of these investments too.

More Online Team Building Ideas

Check out these other resources for more online team building ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few common questions about remote team building and my answers.

What is online team building?

Online team building is an effort by distributed organizations to improve engagement, morale, productivity, connection, retention and other factors for remote teams. Online team building is synonymous with virtual team building and remote team building.

What are online team building games?

Online team building games are activities that remote teams use to connect with colleagues. For example, you could do simple activities like ice breaker questions or include a game like Pancakes vs Waffles in your next virtual meeting.

How do you make a virtual meeting fun?

To make a virtual meeting fun, include virtual team activities. For example, you can play a few rounds of Werewolf or include icebreaker questions that let everyone share a little about themselves.

How do you build team morale remotely?

If you want to build team morale remotely then you need to start with the same principles of local in-office morale building. Show strong leadership, give your people the clearest expectations you can, and do internal team building activities that give your remote workers a chance to relax and build meaningful relationships with colleagues.

How do you engage a virtual team?

One way to engage a virtual team is to make virtual meetings more participate. For example, use call out questions to encourage people to share thoughts and ideas with the group. You can also do breakout rooms during the call that put people into smaller groups where everyone has more opportunities to share.

Why are virtual teams important?

Virtual teams are important because many offices around the world are moving toward remote work. For people that have worked from home for years, this transition is relatively easy. People that are new to remote work will likely need more support, and virtual teams help provide this.

Final Thoughts on Team Building Online

I am a firm believer in team building: in-person, virtual, remote or otherwise. I believe that online team building games and activities are a way to unite your people in a way that feels genuine, engaging and playful. Your team wants to do their best work, and virtual team building can help unlock this productivity and potential. Online team building is a really nice way to connect with the people you work with and build connections.

As I learned as an isolated remote worker, friendships are pretty f***ing important.

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237 thoughts on “35 Online Team Building Games for Work”

    • Have a “Pet Corner” session. People LOVE to see other peoples pets. Let them talk about them and their quirks.

    • I think it can actually be more harmful to just use any random game to try to team building. I believe that the game would also have to suit the type of customer that will play it for example some one said you don’t know jack. Sure for trivia and creatives that is fine but that game is hardly for team building. If anything that can cause negative competition and resentment. How ever if it was a company that focuses on sales then that would be fine as the structure and interactions are different.

    • One team building exercise i can think of would be an escape room. It helps other come together and work toward tackling the problems they face and need to over come together

    • How about a virtual store, with luxury items “for sale” that can be purchased with virtual money earned by reaching certain daily goals at work. Massage, Spa, vacations and other rewards could also be purchased, all virtual of course.

    • Remote Spades Tournie! Teams will have to work on communication skills and develop strategies to win but ultimately it’s still a game of luck.

    • How about a virtual Team Dinner/Potluck, but instead of each team member making what they are comfortable with, they have to create a recipe ahead of time and send it to a random team member to make. It can be simple enough so ingredients are limited to 3-5 ingredients per dish and the cooking process is around 60 minutes or less, giving the teams time to try the dish they created and reporting back to their team members. This could be a monthly activity with the same recipes so the team members can all experience each dish individually and what their experiences were.

    • A fun exercise could be having a list of silly names that coordinate with each letter of the alphabet. Team members have to match the first letter of their first and last names to come up with a new name (General Fuzzy Bear) that can be written on a name tag for in-person events, or changed on a group call. They will be referred to and refer to others as their new names for the remainder of the event/meeting!

    • Play a game of Guess Who?
      Before the event, email a set of general questions to the participants, such as “What is your favorite color?” ” What was your childhood nickname?” Choose the most interesting answers from each participant to create a Jeopardy-style game board, visible live to all participants. At the start of the event, participants win their turn order with a contest to reveal an interesting fact about themselves. The level of intrigue in players’s answers determines the turn order. Then the game begins, the first player chooses a category and point level from the game board and is faced with a statement, such as: “This person’s favorite color is veridian.” The player responds by saying, “Who is_______.” If they are correct, they get the points. If they are not correct, a player can interject with the right answer, especially if they are the person in the answer. The interjector can then steal the points with the correct answer. Then, the next person takes their turn, choosing a category and point value. The game continues until the board is cleared and points are tallied. The beauty of this game is that the team will quickly become endeared to one another and remember the interesting details they have learned about each other. There should be laughs and surprises all along the way.

  1. Another great team building activity is online games. The “You Don’t Know Jack” expansion pack games like ”Fibbage” are great team building games. All you have to do is video chat the screen, and then everyone plays from their smart phones! Games like this promote healthy competition and helps build relationships and improves communication between employees.

  2. Another virtual team building activity can be a virtual escape room. Everyone can log into the same app. We would give the team an hour to complete the escape. This would create a little bit of competition between everyone or they can all help each other solve the mystery and escape. They would be communicating throughout the game in order to beat the clock.

  3. I think it’s great that you can do team building virtually, and can increase meaningful production. Werewolf sounds like fun.

  4. Virtual Scattergories! It’s a fast paced, energetic game that requires each participant to engage in feedback after each round. The facilitator emails each participant the categories, everyone tunes in, and the game begins. The facilitator rolls the “die”, lands on a letter of the alphabet, and sets the timer. The participants work individually to frantically jot down categories before the timer goes off (this part’s always fun as people are so immersed in the game that they get jumpy when the timer goes). The re-cap after each round is always highly entertaining — participants congratulate others on their creativity, or try to contest others’ entries. It’s a lighthearted game that offers a lot of interaction as well as a little friendly competition.


  5. I believe team building helps raise the production of people. When people are left alone, sometimes their thoughts can begin to mess with their morale and their quality of work. Using these types of team-building exercises can help increase the bottom line of any company. One way to do this is with a 30 minute paid get together in a zoom room or other type of online meeting room. Let everyone “visit” with others to talk about their evening or weekend. This allows them to get to know each other as well as lift their spirit.

  6. All great ideas! What about a virtual obstacle course? The teams would have to work together to answer trivia and reasoning problems, as well as play interactive games to get to the next hurdle. Whoever gets to the end the fastest wins!

    • In the office, they played call of duty which is clearly not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but the premise exists for a reason. I’d suggest starting a character created idea where everyone gets to be a unique version of themselves (similar to a D&D creation) but with more prevalent “monsters” like a time clock, expense reports, etc..

  7. How about the big disguise event where team members have to dress up as someone else totally different looking and you have to guess which team member it is with the most votes. They have to give one clue about themselves that most people that they work with would know like someone that eats PB &J sandwiches all the time, or is an animal lover because they have 2 dogs, a cat and a goldfish etc.

  8. Donut is a Slack extension that connects team members through virtual 15-20 minute meetings. The purpose is for participants to get to know each other and bond through non-work related discussions.

  9. I think a game online with remote workers which is something like musical chairs where everyone races to make a post or hit a button on a page using a (screenshare) or zoom, the last one in must tell everyone a thought or experience meaningful to the team.

  10. I think that a great technique for team building remotely is simply Common Cause. Teams work together better when they have a common goal one at a time would help. Great suggestions.

  11. Something in Common is a great team building exercise. In the virtual world and remote positions, this exercise allows teammates to learn more about the person behind the keyboard. Not only is important to increase morale with employees but this also allows employees to get to know each other which will blossom relationships beyond the email.

  12. Tea x Coffee would be a great way to relax and come together to de-stress and practice meditation during this transition to working from home for so many companies. If the group needs a little pick-me-up, a game like movies in 5 words would be a hilarious way to get everyone interacting. Split the group into two teams and assign movies to describe. Give teams 5 minutes to trade movie titles (in case they haven’t seen it) and come up with a description that does not include the title of the movie or actor’s names in only 5 words. Submit descriptions to judge and receive other team’s descriptions. Groups can spend 10 minutes deliberating which movies they are and submit guesses to judge. The group with the most correct guesses wins! The group that submits correct answers first would break the tie. Any subject matter could be used to adapt the game per group, ie: books, artists, tv shows, landmarks, historical events, etc.

  13. I think a great team building activity could be something as simple as an online card game. I mean, if we’re really thinking about the benefits, let’s consider something as simple as a game of “Spades”. What does the game itself consist of? Trusting and understanding the thinking patterns of a partner, often without the assistance of nonverbal communication! It gives you the insight on who you’re working with, teaches you patience with those around you, and give you an inside look at the awareness level o those who you share a workspace with. You can operate on a highly communicable level with someone who knows you more as a person, and can guess your next move before you make it!

  14. We hosted a corporate meeting at my branch last year. I was in charge of producing a game for us to play. After a little research online of some office related statistics, we played a Family Feud type game. We all had a great time with questions like “Top 5 excuses for being late for work.” If that could be made into a virtual game, it would be great! It really had the entire room laughing.

    • Love these ideas! What about virtual karaoke? You could give everyone songs on the fly or have them do 30 second segments to keep everyone on their toes and laughing. You could give extra points to anyone who can guess what they are singing or can finish the lyrics! 🙂

  15. Ice breaker questions I found to be the most important opening statement or questions that developed friendships and relationships . You know right then if you will continue or not.

  16. Tiny campfire is a great way to engage and tell fun ghost story’s and you even do a s’mores roast what better way to team build you also get a care package!!!! With a candle l, snores ingredients and other stuff !!

  17. Netflix Party could be a fun way to interact with your team. It’s an expansion on Google Chrome, one person creates a party, picks a show/movie to watch and sends the link to the team. It may sound like an activity that lacks intimacy, but you’d be surprised how bonded people can feel over IM-ing about the same video, without having to constantly pause and wait for everyone’s screen to sync up to watch the exact moments together.

  18. When I imagine a cool (and symbolic) virtual team building activity for successful business men and women, I see Dollar Bill Origami.

    This event reminds everyone that they are getting paid to put in their best work, as well as provides them with an awesome break to learn an impressive, everywhere trick. This event is both mentally stimulating and fun to try together as it encourages playfulness and helpfulness. Everyone will be engaged as it is a desirable skill that can be used to surprise loved ones or pull out at a party.

    The 1 dollar bill has symbols and stories galore for the facilitator to point out and tell about during instruction. Everyone loves a fun fact! & learning a new trick, together.

  19. I love this concept! I believe that these activities are a great way to increase moral in the virtual work place and give employees something to look forward too during a long day at work. I love the tiny campfire concept. I would love to try it.

  20. If you have a love for ice breakers, or to feel more comfortable and less nervous I would play “Werewolf”. You get to split your team up and create roles while picking cards from the deck. It’s a fun way to interact with your team without the pressure. This is an amazing brain game to play especially if you love observing the way people think and conclude.

  21. Here is a team building activity, everyone can do there best 5 minute stand up comedy skit and get everyone laughing. Humor is food for the soul, and it doesn’t have to be original. Not everyone can be a comedian, you can copy some jokes you googled !:) Get the team laughing, moooo ahhaah moooo hahaah

    –by the way I am applying for the sales position , this was genius hidden sales, get a bunch of ideas from applicants, then convert the best ones into a new activity. GENIUSSSSSSSSSSS!! that how my brain works $$$$$

  22. Online Storytelling Workshop is totally show and tell for adults. What a great way to really get to know something personal or maybe even unique about your fellow colleague, whether it’s about them or not. Reminds me of the icebreaker game where you share one fact about yourself that no one else would know. So through the power and “connectivity” of the internet we can bond while being educated. Each attendee will learn many things including the 5 Elements of an engaging story lead by a master storyteller. I imaging laughter and sentimentality would be shared and thus rememberable to all.

  23. One of the best team-building exercises I’ve encountered and even put in place with my own teams was two truths and one lie. The way it works would be to allow your team some time (approximately 5-20 minutes) to think of two truths and one lie. Once time has passed, everyone can mute their microphones except for one person who would be presenting. Allow the person to speak and have him or her present the truths and lie. After they are presented, allow the others to try and guess what the lie is. Once everyone has taken a turn to guess, the presenter would reveal the lie and then move on to the next person. It’s quite fun and entertaining; this allows people to get to know one another while giving people time to think and utilize their thoughts to deceive their peers. The best part, everyone in the game is a winner!

  24. Teambuilding is essential for success. If people hate going to work, can’t relate with their coworkers, or don’t feel apart of the team it can tear down the infrastructure and ruin productivity. Keeping employees engaged and feeling like they matter is key. The idea of an “ice breaker” of sorts is a good one in my opinion. With remote workers they don’t really have the chance to personally engage with their coworkers. And with a little facilitation and a good outline of questions for ice breakers, I think that would be a great way for remote teams to connect and get to know the person on the other end of the phone/computer.

  25. I think that Team Building’s website has a great idea with Online Storytelling Workshops. I think oftentimes a lot of companies might have some resistance from team members that think these types of activities are a “waste of time and resources”. Although far from the truth, this particular activity is a great introduction to team building because it combines getting to know your team better, with honing your storytelling skills. Learning the 5 Elements of an Engaging story while simultaneously learning why your co-worker is fascinated with Yo-Yo’s truly gives you the best of both worlds.

  26. I LOVE the idea of Mister Rogers calls! What a unique and effective way to get to know your coworkers while also being paid to do it! It’s a win-win!

  27. Wow! This is awesome! I love team building. Just being able to engage and have engaging activities is paramount to any relationship. Especially, working remotely establishing and building relationships can be a bit challenging. Understanding that though you are working remotely, you are still apart of a team. A collective unit working towards the same goals needs nurturing. I love the virtual book club. Reading a book every 1-2 months and sharing the story with remote colleagues engaging conversation. I also think a “Who Done It Mystery” like if their are quotas to me met there could be a light or like a competition of “who done it” a pulling names of sorts for each quota of guessing who will do it or the 1st to complete something on those lines. Also, maybe a virtual exercise activity of stretches, squats, and breathing techniques for 15 minutes.
    I like the idea of sharing what’s for “Dinner Tonight” sharing recipes and swapping health tips and tricks. As we work remotely we need creative meal ideas and activities to keep us agile and our bodies healthy. There are so many options to consider engaging with teams to build and strengthen relationships establishing culture and a sense of togetherness while working remotely.

  28. I really like the idea of the virtual escape room. Then you can see if your people can come together and work as a team or if they work separately. Then depending on what you want from your people, you can see if they need more help in this area. Great idea Livier! And depending on what the company wanted there could be all kinds of variations to this. I really think this idea would make a great addition to your already great variations of activities.

  29. Team Building is amazing! I’ve played team building games in camps personally and I absolutely love them! It’s great to see team building games are coming online to bring remote workers together.

    I do agree that working remotely does raise the question of feeling lonely like what Michael felt. Friendships are really essential to remote workers as they provide the human connection that is needed to keep us sane.

    The werewolf game is one of my favourites! this game is really good for teams to lighten up the mood and build trust together. It can also be fun to group together and gang up on somebody for fun! But not too often or it’ll ruin the experience.

    One activity I do have in mind is a virtual picnic, people can gather and bring their food together and have a chat over lunch or dinner. People can talk about what food do they have and talk about the local food that they love, if they bring it in the virtual picnic.

    I think it’s a great way to explore cultures and cuisines around the world with a dynamic remote workforce.

    I’ve seen live streamers do this too where they have their meals together with netizens around the world.

  30. Not too sure if this has been suggested yet.

    Jenga! Team Jenga!

    Create a targeted time frame to accomplish the goal. create multiple teams with the goals of ( one team will focus on bringing down the tour, the other teams goal is to maintain the integrity of the structure and maintain it as long as possible)

    • Being able to build a positive company culture is essential to creating a successful team and giving remote workers the opportunity to achieve that through a virtual team bonding experience is incredible! One idea for an activity would be having themed meetings or parties. For example, a superhero party where everyone dresses as their favorite hero (doesn’t necessarily have to be a comic hero, can be a personal hero or public figure whom they admire) and everyone can start with an ice breaker explaining who they are and why they chose that hero. This could bring some fun to a work activity as well as help workers learn more about each other.
      Another activity idea is a mad-lib story game. A team is sent the beginning of a story and when a team member is picked they must continue the storyline without pause. Improv games such as this have been known to help teams bond, get the creativity flowing, and help members think quickly in a fast-paced situation.

  31. Connecting with people at a distance is different from face to face. Acknowledging the difference and connecting over a joint experience is invaluable. So many games can be altered just slightly for a virtual experience. Take story cubes and text the word or picture to the next person to pick up the story and continue from there until everyone has contributed to the story – it doesn’t have to be long – for a large group break into small groups. It’s about adapting to our new environment. We’re evolving in a new way.

  32. I love the tea vs. coffee team building activity. Love the zen idea behind it. You get to relax and unwind with your team. While creating a fun tasting experience. I would be ready to get back to work after this activity in no time. All the team building activities I believe are a great way to engage with your team and break the ice. Very insightful article, thank you for the information.

  33. A great team building exercise to do with your teams is something as simple as Online Office Games, or something of the sort. It forces people to team up, work together, and hopefully achieve the desired outcome. If people are working towards a goal together and not just working to pass the day, everything is a lot more fulfilling. This is why team building exercises can be so incredibly beneficial.

  34. I absolutely am in LOVE with the concept of tiny campfire. The ability to have a virtual meeting around a “campfire”, complete with s’mores, is a great way to keep the atmosphere relaxing and engaging. The trivia questions in the beginning is a great, competitive way to break the ice and set the mood for the activity. The ghost stories are sure to bring you back to your childhood and the s’mores will finish off the nostalgia.

  35. What about Charades! I think that’s a great way to get people interacting with each other and this can be done virtually. This activity is fun and will definitely get a team engaged!

  36. I myself love to hear about another/multiple different individuals poems or inspirational life experiences to bring clarification to a situation in another’s life. Tiny camp fires allows a group of people to sit down enjoy each other and at the same time give life through words and experience. Finding motivation within each other will only make the team stronger.

  37. I think a great team-building activity would be one that would help each member of the team connect to another in a special way. In order to do this, I propose a game of I Dream. To play this, each person would draw (or attempt to draw) a scene from their biggest dream. Then they will take turns sharing their attempt and have others guess what that dream is. An alternative would be a full on team building activity where everyone creates their dream scene with clay, paint, or some other artistic medium that would be provided to them in a care package while going through a series of ice breakers and conversation topics designed to get to know one another better. At the end, every person would present their creations and either have their team mates guess what their dream is based on the conversations had throughout the practice. Art is proven to be therapeutic in healing and mental well being, as well as calming which makes it a great medium for a team building exercise.

  38. I think a great team bonding activity could be Yappy Hour, it’s like happy hour but with pets! Everyone talks about their kids or pets while at the office but you can only give so many details, we want to see those adorable faces! The concept would be to have a virtual happy hour with your coworkers but everyone would also have their pet on screen with them as well, the people who didn’t have a pet to introduce could introduce their drink of choice. The idea is that you’re getting closer with your co-workers because you get to meet their pet or you find out what their go to drink is and maybe find you have that in common with them!

  39. The Tiny Campfire is such a groovy idea! What better way to bond with your now “virtual co-workers”, then with ghost stories, s’mores and time away from staring at your computer screen!
    It’s so important to have that feeling of connection during times like this. I understand that it can be especially difficult for the folks who are introverts, or as mentioned, complete recluses.
    Kudos to Michael for this awesome post! Huzzah, huzzah( as we Ren Fest nerds like to say, ha ha).

  40. I believe a good virtual teambuilding exercise would be to play two truths and a fantasy, this would allow people to express who they are while making a game out of it. For example,
    1. I love skydiving.
    2. I have two cats.
    3. I have a four year old son.
    Two of these are truths and one is not. Can you guess? And you can expand on these ideas turning them into something work related or a never have I ever type of event!

  41. To piggyback off of the “Mr Rogers Call”, what about implementing something like Donut for Slack and having a chat window in the background where people are randomly assigned someone to just have a brief conversation with for a few minutes once every couple days just to give some level of connection between staff on “non-work related” activities.

  42. These sound like awesome ideas for building relationships within a team. I believe the strongest teams are the one who know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and balance each other out.
    My suggestion for another team building experience would be a virtual escape the room. Break your entire team into smaller groups and have them work together to solve puzzles and “escape” before the other teams. It will boost critical thinking and also reveal strengths and weaknesses. Additional bonus – it competitive and incredibly fun!

  43. One team building activity that I think would be great and valuable to do is to plant seeds or flowers. This activity can range from any age, and it could also just be one flowerpot per person to begin with. It has many minor and major benefits ranging from health, personal and environmental. People learn from individual work to teamwork, also it can teach patience, perseverance and caring, among other things. Planting seeds or flowers is a very rewarding activity to work on; it helps enhance emotional and social skills.

  44. I thing the idea of a yappy hour is great. However not everyone has a pet. I also thing something like sherades or scribble would be good. It would be nice for people to work in groups that way the extroverts can help the introverts.

  45. I think that an excellent team bonding for those who work remote (or have a kitchen in their office) would be a virtual cooking or baking class! Everyone could pick a favorite simple recipe ( for those who are beginners) and submit for everyone to vote on what they’d like to make! It would be fun to see what everyone’s final dish looks like!

  46. I believe a good virtual team building activity is the M&M Game. Pouring a handful of M&M’s in your hand and based on the colors you have, share two facts about yourself. You can pick the categories before the meeting that way people can prepare before hand. Best part is eating the chocolate afterwards. You can do this activity with any snacks or candies that have multiple colors. That way everyone can participate with their favorite snack or candy.

  47. I will say, all of the ideas are amazing, especially the ‘tiny campfire’ and the ‘war of the wizards’. I am an avid gamer and I also understand that not everyone can understand the usage of technology. I also love all the pet ideas as well, but not everyone has pets so not everyone will be able to feel and understand what the other person is feeling. Especially now with only staying indoors, I would say something virtual would be preferred.

    I think a great idea for a team building activity would be like Mario Party. As a kid hosting parties and making events was something that fulfilled my goals. And games like Mario party upped the amp. Different teams, different games, competitiveness was always a challenge. Not just in physique, but also knowledge. To me, implementing technology (video games) into this age is a huge asset.

  48. Team building seems simpler when everyone can meet in person, but what if you have a remote office? A good virtual team bonding activity would be Drink Please! Drink Please! is an activity where a secret ingredient is chosen at random and everyone must craft a drink recipe using that secret ingredient. The drink recipes are then shipped along with all ingredients to all participants. Everyone would then meet up for drink testing and ratings. Let the best drink win!

  49. We’ve all experienced ho-hum team building exercises, but these sound like the opposite. What an exciting time to be alive and dream up new ways to connect!

  50. Hello everyone,

    Getting to know your coworkers and management team can seriously increase morale and a sense of team even when working remotely.

    I think that a virtual family feud would be a great way to have fun and learn about your team. I would start by setting up a survey where people (that are not on the team) would answer the questions. Once the results are in, we can start by setting up the game. We can then have all of our team log in and answer the question in a private text. I would then reveal each persons answer and provide necessary scoring.

    This is just another fun way that we can bring our team together and have some fun doing it!

    Thanks for listening to my idea,
    Stephanie Hooper

  51. Full Circle Movie Chain Game – 1 team member shares a Youtube link of a movie clip and actor they like. The next player has to find a movie clip using a co-star of the previous movie. *Each co-star must be a somewhat household name with at least 10 films completed

    All team members go. After the last movie is played, the first team member to find a movie clip with a co-star of the last movie and the original team member’s actor wins. It’s kind of a free-for-all at the end!

  52. A virtual show-and-tell of any kind works. You can share your pets, books, movies, recipes from your kitchen, or a weekly tutorial made by the participants.

  53. A distinctive virtual team building exercise would be to have a 15-30 minute cooking class! With many team members being so diverse and coming from different parts of this beautiful world, everyone participating would learn a native, unique cuisine of the person who’s preparing the dish. This will help learn more about that person’s culture, personality and upbringing. One will not only learn more about the person, but now you have another dish to make any time you desire. Everyone is a foodie now! #feedme

  54. For an icebreaker idea…share your desk photo! Everyone has a treasured photo on their work desk, correct? Exchange with your team why you chose that photo for your desk.

  55. A fun and perfect remote team building activity idea that I have would involve one group of people to have only a set of instructions to build something, and the other have only the pieces. Similar to other events you already have, small packages could be sent to each participant ahead of time. The challenge of having to dictate instructions, or take instructions to create something would create some strong lines of problem solving communication between teammates. The whole event could be timed to see how far you get, or a race to see what pair or groups finish construction first.

  56. If I had to create a team building game for remote users it would be called stand up \ sit down. Stand up sit down if you have a tattoo. Stand up sit down if you have ever been to another country etc. This would create common ground, between people who have been, have, or done whatever question is put forth. It would also create an interest in one another as a group and individual.

  57. I think a dress-up theme party from decades like the 70’s or 80’s, genres like Classic Hairbands, or Disco and have a “Name that Tune” contest regarding the decade or song genre would be a blast. This would be great on Zoom, so we could all see each other’s outfits. We could, of course, have a prize for “Name that Tune” and best outfit.

  58. I like the idea of Show and Tell for a fun and interesting remote team building activity. Much like when we were in 2nd grade bringing in our favorite toy car or barbie doll thinking we owned the greatest object on earth, as grown adults we all have small little knick knacks which we’ve collected and cherish. Sharing these with others and telling the heartfelt story behind the object teaches our peers a little about ourselves and encourages questions to learn more aboot each others interests.

  59. First off, I love Kate’s idea a few posts up.

    Second, here’s my idea:

    Story Time! The goal here would be to spark creativity and get participants out of their shells. The beauty of this event is that you can express yourself and be yourself, without sacrificing boundaries of sharing personal and otherwise private information.

    Here’s how this goes down. An order would be established and a prompt would be delivered. Prompt: A field mouse finds itself out of place as it scampers down a bustling city sidewalk. Suddenly, the sound of thunder startles the mouse as its accompanying rain makes its way to the pavement. Seeking shelter, the mouse scurries into the nearest building and can’t believe her eyes…

    Now person 1 adds 3 sentences. Then person 2 and so forth. The order can switch up and the prompts change. As any author will tell you, reflections of oneself will naturally come out when writing a story, so the participants will get to know one another in a fun, safe, and ultimately HR friendly manner.

  60. I think a great idea for a virtual teambuilding activity would be a view into everyone’s favorite part of their home/remote workspace by having them relocate temporarily to that space. They could then “pitch” it to the rest of the team as the ideal part of a home/remote work location. In other words, if a woman working from her home takes incredible joy in the fact that she can use her home yoga studio during her work breaks, she would give the team a view into that space. This gives everyone ideas for improving their own workspace in addition to giving team members deeper insight into who their coworkers are.

  61. One activity that comes to mind would be online art making, I think that art brings people together and it’s a great icebreaker! We could ship all materials and have a 90 minute class designed to create paintings or crafts that would later on be displayed at each individual’s home or could be a gifted to someone close to them! The team would also vote to say who created the best peace and who was the most creative and at the end we would just remind ourselves that everyone is equally gifted and talented in our own way!

  62. I love Nailed It on Netflix. If you haven’t watched it, you should totally check it out. HILARIOUS!!! I also think the best way for people to get to know each other is to laugh… especially at yourself. So, I suggest a Nailed It Zoom edition… or FaceTime edition… or Skype… however you would see each other virtually. Anyway, on Nailed It a professional chef bakes an elaborate cookie in round 1 and an even more elaborate cake in round 2 for the contestants to recreate in completely unrealistic time frames. With Nailed It Zoom edition, it wouldn’t involve cooking, instead a famous drawing, painting, logo, etc. The “contestants” are given a certain amount of time to recreate the artwork. So, let’s use the Mona Lisa as an example, they have 8 minutes to recreate the Mona Lisa. Round 2 could be a famous sculpture or building and they have 10 minutes to recreate that. Either everyone gets a vote or there are predetermined judges. And prizes could be an art set or a BYOB painting class.

  63. One of my favorite things to do with good friends is hold a weekly celebration! Each week we gather and over some snacks and drinks spend a time of full optimism and celebration of what has happened over the past 7 days. There’s time for each one to share and toast and it makes each week meaningful. Even celebrating the passage of a hard week is a welcome respite and allows you to turn a new chapter and look ahead. It would be easily adapted to be virtual and would be great for bringing teams closer together.

  64. A team building exercise by using the old game Chubby Bunny mixed with the other equally old game Telephone. You have to recite Shakespeare with a mouth full of marshmallows, and your team mates , never having seen which play is being used, have to then echo the monologue to the rest of the audience. The idea is to focus on cultivating your speaking, as well as your listening habits. IE; don’t just listen to respond. Listen to understand! Once you have recited Shakespeare with a mouth full of marshmallows, speaking normally to clients should be a breeze.

  65. A fun activity to do with remote teams is Game Night. It involves Pictionary, Charades, Trivia, and Hangman. Winner (or winning team) gets to leave half an hour early on Friday. Makes things competitive while also building bonds within the remote workers.

  66. A possible idea that could be done with a remote team, a comic chain! Or more like a comic telephone game. Kinda like that game where you write out a sentence and the next person only has one word to go by, or in this case a quickly rendered drawing.

    Person 1 has a couple minutes to draw out a panel for a comic, just a quick thing that’s legible enough on a post- it or similarly sized paper. Then they take a picture (or save the digital drawing as a picture if they went that direction), send it over to Person 2, who makes a panel to follow it. Person 2 sends just that panel to Person 3 (who only sees P2’s panel) and continues the chain to follow along with what P2 did. The chain continues with P4 adding on to P3’s panel, P5 to P4’s panel, etc.
    At the end of the chain, the organizer compiles all the pictures together into a coherent comic setup, and shows the whole crew what they accomplished by giving them the digitally compiled file (or hosting it in a Google Docs sort of situation). It’s bound to go directions the original chain starter was not intending, especially if the people involved aren’t the most artistically inclined.

    A fun way to do this is have each person start a panel and cycle through everyone at least once, only compiling the panels together after a full rotation. This would make sure that everyone gets a chance to start a chain as well as contribute to another cycling one, resulting in multiple randomized stories.

  67. A great team building exercise to that also involves a good work out is building a house, not a real house. You and your team break into two even groups and each person gets in
    a line, shoulder to shoulder, and does a high plank and a person from the end low crawls through the gap everyone is making. which ever team makes it to the end wins. My team in the military use to do exercises like this every Friday and it was very fun. Everyone likes a little friendly competition.

  68. What about a quick show and tell of the best scientific discoveries of the week to spark those creative juices and keep them flowing. It could be another way to find out what people like and to see what they might have in common as far as academic interests.

  69. The two ideas I have in mind for good team building is a game called stand up. A PG (or G) stand up rounds for every person on the team. The audience is the team and each round one person takes a written concept of an idea (written up by all team members). The ideas are shuffled and doled out, and this could be as simple as a email or a project. Just something to let off some steam without getting personal or in the way. The second idea would be hot potato but with ideas or with a purpose to listen. At the beginning of a round the person tells a scenario and passes a literal (or whatever hand held representation used) to continue the scenario going. This is fun to see the mistakes of where others may have misheard, and to teach good habits and effective listening techniques as well.

  70. Such great ideas all around honestly! What makes a great activity is not only that activity being fun, but also challenging individuals and making them come up with an all around strategy to reach a conclusion. I also believe no one certain activity can have the same impact on a group as another, personalizing and tending to each group and it’s unique employees I find is important.
    Great tips and inquiries throughout this message/comment board!

  71. One type of team building exercise could be Pictionary where each team member is sent pieces of paper with ideas for drawings, but everyone has different papers so there couldn’t be cheating if they looked ahead. The remote employees could be split into 2 groups like men vs women or team captains could be chosen. If you don’t want to split them into different teams, they could all just work together. Each team member takes a turn randomly picking a piece of paper and then tries to draw while the rest try to guess what it is before a timer runs out. Each team member should get the chance to draw so that they can get the chance to work with the whole team.

    • Instead of men vs women, you could do a random number drawing and have like the odd numbers vs the even numbers.

  72. The Game of Possibilities
    A great way to bring out your team’s creativity and quick thinking is Game of Possibilities. To do the activity all you need is to gather a group of random objects.

    You can use anything from a basketball or plastic bag to a hula hoop or scarf. In groups, each person is given an object and must demonstrate an alternative use for it.

    Other group members must guess what function they are acting out. It is a fun way to boost team creativity and innovation.

  73. With the coronavirus leading to more individuals working from home, these remote events are even more essential than ever. They help with reestablishing social connectivity that is so prevalent in a brick and mortar environment. To capitalize on this and promote greater employee morale and productivity, companies need to consider remote team building on a regular basis. Given the vast array of options teambuilding.com offers perhaps a package deal of multiple events should be presented to clientele.

  74. With everything going on in the world I believe that this opportunity is the most essential , it gives us the chance to not only stay safe from the chances of being exposed but it also gives us the chance to be able to bond and spend a little more time with family and friends. teambuilding.com offers a platform of positivity and growth and that’s not something you can find by using most search engines.

  75. Hello Everyone,

    Here is an idea for a Team Building exercise, a Truth and Lie Game. The purpose of the game is to get to know each other and accept one another for who we are.

  76. Remote Team Building Exercise Idea:

    Random Positivity Boosts

    Create a website or other forum where members can be anonymous – have each team member write at least 3 positive things about every member of their team to begin with and add more as time goes on. This will create a little database of nice things that each member can review when they may be feeling down or discouraged. These messages could be programmed to be sent at regular or random intervals as a morale booster.

  77. My idea for a team building activity to do with remote teams: Home Scavenger Hunt.

    We would create a list of things to find around their home office, and time the team members. There could be easy/difficult variations of this, simply by changing the items. Objects could include things like “something green”, “something orange”, etc., or it could be very specific like “a pink paperclip”, “a succulent”, “a framed photo”, etc.

    I think this would get everyone to work as teams and also get to know their coworkers more.

  78. It is important for remote teams to engage with each other, have fun and let one another know you’re not in this alone. One idea I came up with is Pizza in Pajamas. Its always a good idea to let loose and crack a smile. In this activity teammates can make a personal pizza entering into 3 different categories ‘Most appealing’ ‘Most Creative’ and ‘Most Likely to feed to your dog’ Upload a photo to your teams group chat with a silly picture of you in your appropriate pajamas. Teammates get to vote but cannot vote for themselves. This is a great activity to involve children for those who have to manage working from home and parenting.

  79. Sneak a Peek
    What do you get when you add a test of memory to a game of pictionary? Sneak a Peek. In this game, people break off into groups of at least four and take turns recreating objects from memory.

    Using LEGOs, clay, building blocks, or a similar set of construction items, one game leader will craft an object or structure for every group to recreate. A member of each group then has 10 seconds to “sneak a peek” at the structure (which is concealed from view), return to their groups, and describe what they saw to their group members so they can recreate it.

    Each group has their own LEGOs, clay, or building blocks. If after a minute of recreating the structure, it isn’t complete, another member of each group sneaks a 10-second peek at the game leader’s object and comes back to further instruct the group. This rotation continues until a group is confident they have recreated the item. The object of the game? Be the first group to recreate it.

    Not only does this game help employees practice project management, but it shows you how to accomplish tasks using input from a variety of sources. It’s also just a fun way to see how good your coworkers are at retaining information.

  80. I think a good idea for another team building exercise would be a wine tasting or craft beer club.
    People love using a drink to loosen up and bond with coworkers, why not do the same thing, but from home.
    Everyone would get 4 samples and we could talk about the taste, region its from, style, etc. as well as everyone saying their favorite and why.
    Once everyone is loosened up we will play a ‘Conducted Story’ game where one person starts with a sentence and one by one everyone continues the story and creates one long, silly story.

  81. Good Morning,

    Here’s an exciting thought, “Speed Bridge”

    Objective: Build a miniature model bridge that can hold a up to 1lbs, using only office supplies!

    1x – empty container that holds up to 1lb(16oz)
    Office Supplies

    – 5 Minutes Preparation time to gather material (Strictly office supplies)
    – 10 minutes of play time
    – You cannot begin building before the clock has begun
    – Team/Player cannot leave the screen once the clock has begun
    – The clock stops once bridge has been built OR time is up!
    – Once the clock stops all players must drop the items in their possession

    If a Team/player breaks a rule they must reset their station and begin building from scratch without stopping the clock

    Judging the winner – after the bridge has been built each Team/player will place an empty container the size of 16oz(1lb) upon the bridge. They will begin filling the container with water, testing the stability of the bridge. The bridge that withstand the highest weight wins, if both teams structure holds 1lb its a draw!

  82. Asking Yes or No Questions to each other in a quick temp is fun in bigger groups. The one who asks a different type of question or responds to a question fails and gets out of the game.

  83. A unique and relevent team-building activity could be to think about how to save a small town from a virus or some other natural disaster. Everyone could write down their three biggest strengths and from those strengths, could be assigned to various roles. It would be a simulation type of activity, but would be light and fun with someone who is facilitating the entire simulation in a fun way. Each team member could be assigned a sticky note with their role that they would put on their forehead for some added humor (i.e. town mayor for example).

  84. An excellent way of team building with a remote team, from my experience, is playing a simple game of trivia with a twist. You would split your peers into teams and have a proctor. The proctor will ask various trivia questions regarding anything and also would ask questions regarding the company’s culture. If you answer a regular trivia question correct, you would give five points. But if you answered a company trivia question correct, you would get fifteen points instead.

    This accomplishes several things. Obviously, team building, but this also enhances the company’s culture to your peers.

  85. Show & Tell is a good virtual game. Encourage employees to show off anything from their home, like a beloved pet, homemade art/craft, book nook, antique or heirloom item, anything! Employees can share a little part of their lives and learn something new about their coworkers.

  86. People need to talk to other people that aren’t their clients. Talk about their day, struggles, successes, and “get away” from work for an hour. With most remote jobs that is impossible. Implementing activities and games even once every two weeks gives people that outlet and opportunity to connect.

  87. Cool article and it was fun to read everyone’s ideas.
    1 example of a team building activity you can do with remote teams capitalizes on their remote nature and helps with geography and learning about other cultures! Having a company map/link where each individual can add their city or country (depending on how international the company is) can help people visualize and bond with others on the same continent or living somewhere they want to visit. You could make it more interactive by making chatrooms or scheduling events where people share recipes or eat food on camera from where they are, send each other postcards, or ask what it’s like to live or visit there. There’s a lot of ways to use the map, but that’s just one example of a team building activity you can do with remote teams.

  88. Employees working remotely can easily feel like they are not a part of a team. Getting back to basics and doing timed scavenger hunts are a great way to get people up and get their blood pumping. If you enjoy what you do… you never work s day in your life! Have Fun!

  89. Oh smokes! What great ideas I want to try myself!

    Caption My Photo!
    The idea with this is a team building. This game can easily be themed or brought online for a google search.
    At the beginning of the game each individual selects 1-5(depending on the size of the team) pictures from their camera roll. On your turn, you present your picture. Each other team member submits a “caption”. At the end of the review of each caption, the current “selector”, chooses a caption and that individual gets a point. At the end of the game, you tally your points and the winner gets a prize.

    Follow literal directions to “building something”.

    You start with a kit. The kit can a sandwich, leggos, coffee, or even something like putting on your shoe.

  90. I love integrating the old school with the new school. I’m not sure if any of you remember when you had to do a show and tell project.
    This activity will be about sharing something you love or are passion about with the rest of your team. But instead of individual presentations, they will have to get together and present another team member’s project.
    This way everyone learns something new about each other and helps build a communication skill with your team mate.

  91. Kahoot! It is great game to add to any remote team builder activity. You create questions based on the company and see who knows their stuff. It is a great way to get everyone’s blood pumping from the start. You can’t help but to have a good time while you try not crack under pressure.

    • This is a great idea ready for team building everyone quick pick your teams then each person from each team will have to answer trivia questions from their choice of categories after they answer they trivia question they have to do A challenge involving cup One of them is called stackable , The next Is roly-poly , in the last is called towers you will be provided with 10 reusable cups and 5 pieces of paper and the team will be able to discuss which person they want to do each challenge act quickly Because you are being timed and you’re doing all this in the comfort of your own home
      Stackable‘s -is a game were you stop the Cubs in the pyramids different ones of course and you’ll be time and a half and she can do it
      Roly-poly- you’re going to try to move the car in circles as fast as you can just by blowing it
      Towers- do you want to stack a piece of paper in between each cup then try to remove it without knocking down the cups

  92. How about Office Bingo? Bingo set to music, lights and a DJ. Bingo questions could relate to business items or things in the office. Or the items won can relate to things in the office.

  93. My idea for a virtual team building activity is to show off your pets. Most people have a fuzzy little creature in their life and showing off their intelligence, playfulness, or just plain cute-ness is always a fun way to learn what kind of person the owner is.
    For example I have 6 cats, a dog, and 9 invertebrates that I could go on about for hours. Whether the time passes by informing your piers about interesting facts, showing off, or by simply being there to enjoy the show, everyone is bound to have an excellent time! 🙂

  94. Mystery basket cooking challenge. Can be done remotely over Skype, etc. A random basket of foods is delivered to each participant and everyone has to try make something creative and exciting

  95. Soo many ideas! Love seeing such creative thinking. Gets my mind racing.
    A team building game that I thought of is pretty straight forward: Three lies and One truth. One person lists three lies about themselves and one truth. Then everyone else guesses the truth. Once everyone has guessed the correct answer is told along with the story behind it. This game can also be used for information about the company or positions in the company.

  96. Tabletop simulator… Not only can you play the most popular table top games but you can also modify 5he rules or create a new game entirely. Incentive behind winning through sound communication is awesome but also creating intuitive solutions to be passed down is a gift that keeps giving.

  97. Virtual activities I’ve found to be surprisingly fun are drawing-and-guessing activities. For this one, there is one draw-er and everyone else messages that person what they want them to draw. The drawer then chooses the one they like best. He/she draws it, shows everyone, and everyone yells out their guesses. If someone other than the draw-er or one who submitted guesses it right, the draw-er and guesser gets a point. If no one guesses, the submitter gets a point. The rules can be flexible based on the people and number of people on the call (i.e. the winning number of points are based on how many people are on the call). This brings out people’s true artistic abilities (or failures) and a lot of fun times!

  98. What about some kind of mystery solving game? You could break people into teams and present some kind of mystery with clues and suspects and then have the teams try and solve the mystery. You could have prizes for accuracy, funniest motive, etc.

  99. Sit Down Dinner.
    Typically employees spend more time working than with their own families. Invite the coworkers to a dinner.
    Order food online with home delivery and enjoy each other’s virtual company with good food and conversations.

  100. I use to love doing word association games and songs to help memorize key points. It can be a fun game to work in teams and have fun with making a song where each member of a particular team is responsible for five words. Whoever comes up with the most creative song or jingle wins an amazon gift card. You can also use this as a fun training technique and have the song be related to any work related information.

  101. Does anyone remember the show “cribs”

    well everyone has a different way of making their work stations comfortable for the. The idea here would be for everyone to share a video clip of their workstation and show what helps them work comfortably from home.

  102. I think a virtual T-shirt party / fund raiser would go over well.

    We used to have a team that would get together for this kind of party for Christmas each year.

    Everyone brings a T-shirt (the funnier the better), and the shirts are auctioned. All of the money raised is donated to charity.
    *It’s fun.
    *It’s engaging.
    *Everyone feels good about helping a good cause.

    • Wow! I’m am both inspired and impressed by this ideal of virtual team building! Virtual trivia is a great way to engage team member in challenging, competitive play while reinforcing relationship building among each other. One person would be the game master if you will. The game master is responsible for picking the topic and entering them on a virtual board similar to the popular game show Jeopardy. Each person can take turns being the game master and each question is worth a dollar amount. Whoever gets the most points in each prospective category wins a prize. This will allow for there to be multiple winners and everyone would have the opportunity to create the topic and questions. The game master would not be allowed to answer the questions in that round.

  103. There are some great ideas on this thread. One really fun game that people can play remotely is something I might call “Mute-iny.” The host goes online and collects a list of quotes or sayings beforehand. Then each person takes turns being muted and is sent a private message with the quote they are supposed to say. They are not allowed to use gestures – they can only talk to the muted screen and the rest of the players have to read that person’s lips!
    The other members of the group have to decide between themselves which interpretation they all believe is correct or closest to it.
    Then the host gives the whole group 0-5 points for that round based on how close they are to the actual saying.
    This way they are playing in a cooperative fashion and the entire premise is about being more attentive and communicating well. And trying to read someone lips can be genuinely funny. At the end of the game the host can either average the scores to give the group a 0-5 rating or add up the total points with lots of kudos.

  104. There are a lot of good ideas on here. If I were to add to the list I thought of a games I would play with friends. It’s called “Odd-jective”. The leader of the game chooses a bunch of normal everyday items a player from each team will pick at random.The player uses one adjective relating to the item as a hint to start. The teams will have to guess the item by asking questions about the item’s use one team at time. Teams must try to guess the item without leading others to the correct asnwer(this is where it gets interesting). The team with the most items guessed wins.

  105. I think a good idea for a virtual team building activity would be Virtual Vegas! Virtual happy hours are becoming more popular but I think that coworkers are going to have a hard time continuing to have things to talk about, especially because no one is allowed to go anywhere! Virtual Vegas brings the party to your home. You can have a teambuilding worker be the “house.” Everyone gets dealt with cards. And the pot can be a gift that the boss chooses. You can choose between blackjack or poker. Obviously this can be done with alcohol or without. But the beauty of being in your own house is you can choose!

  106. A great team building exercise is improv. Employees will get a good laugh and learn a lot about each others personalities. Someone will start off by saying a sentence then it has to be built on by each person that continues.

  107. A unique game that really gets people thinking and brings laughter and fun to me would be a game where you start with a work related category or any category to get things started and then going around people name things in that category that start with the letter A to Z. One person gets A then another gets B so on until no one can come up with a word or you get to Z

  108. Team building activities really boost morale as well as make remote work more engaging and enjoyable. It helps the employees realize that they are working towards the same goals. A fun online team game for employees to play would be pictionary. There would be as many teams as needed and a platform to be able to draw directly on the screen for all to see. In the end the team with the most guessed correctly wins.

  109. A great remote team building activity is the Memory Palace. It’s based on a technique that orators would use to remember their speeches long before teleprompters were invented. Each member is provided the same difficult-to-remember info from the company’s training materials. This could be the mission statement, or core company values, or office procedures, etc.

    Each member then takes turns making an outrageous or funny pictorial example of a component of the material and places it in a specific place in an imagined palace, making a story as they move through the building. The more humorous and outrageous the example, the easier it is to remember.

    At the end, volunteers recount the story, pointing out all of the strange sights they see while walking through the imaginary palace. Everyone now remembers the training materials and has gotten to know each other a little better as well. Have fun!

  110. As times get stressful what has worked for me just sitting around at the desk all day and not having things go my way, a good team bonding activity will be virtual yoga. Not only does it get the blood to flow but just causes you to relax.

  111. Mafia would be the Perfect Virtual game. In Mafia, there are towns people, sheriffs and the mafia but no one know who anyone else is. The towns people try to find out who are the Mafia and try to vote and take them out. The Mafia who wants to run the town, is trying to take out the sheriff and townspeople. each round the mafia in secrete choose someone to take out to start the round, after that everyone who is still in the game vote 2 people who to take out and they have to plead their case. once someone is voted out the know who everyone is but cant say anything until the game is over. Once all towns people and sheriff or all mafia is out, the game is over.

  112. I think that there are many ways that teambuilding can be done remotely, teambuilding.com has some really great ideas. Many comments on here have some great ideas as well. Personally I think that almost any game that can be played in real life could be done virtually in a team environment even if it was Pictionary, scrabble, a card game etc. With the usage of zoom meetings and many other team chats available this makes about anything possible. I think that something that would be fun would to make a digital wheel. With this you could have many different aspects of activities that the team could do on camera for a short period of time, this could be a physical activity to get the blood flowing, something funny like having to make a 30 commercial in a funny voice or you could even use it for questions and making up a point system.

  113. A team building activity that you could do with remote teams is charades. You could send your team members each a bag with a colored bandanna (indicating which team they are on), then small strips of paper each with movie titles, song titles, animals, etc. They would have to act out what they pick and their team would have 1 minute to guess. The first team to get to 20 gets bragging rights!

  114. As someone who plays Dungeons and Dragons, I found the War of the Wizards to be an interesting one. I think you could change it up by taking the concept and adapting it into a D&D themed virtual escape room. The characters would be premade and simplified to make it easy on beginers. There would be a variety of puzzles and riddles to get players working together in order to escape the dungeon.

  115. When the internet was down in my office at my old job, we would all play mind games. Such as “My Train” or Green Glass Door”. Critical thinking and problem solving while also spending time together having fun and growing as a team. This was a great way to expirience team building but I always thought it would be fun to do show and tell like when you are in kindergarten. Everyone brings something from home they are proud of to show the group and explain why it’s something you would want to show other people. and when done remotely, it’s even better because people are already (usually) home with their stuff.

  116. I’ve always enjoyed the “tell me something unique about yourself” question when playing team building games. It allows you to get to know your teammates outside of the work environment. This could be turned into a game and played remotely by uploading a picture of something unique about you (example: someone who plays piano could upload a picture of someone playing piano) and everyone has to guess which coworker it applies to!

  117. I play guitar and sing. We could do a virtual campfire and I could come up with a chorus. I would start with a line, then the next person can add their own line to the song and we would on. Similar to the song “A Hunting We Will Go” or “Down by the Bay.”

  118. Love these ideas and the passion for getting people to work together! My idea is a scavenger hunt. My kids LOVE these! It’s really fun to give them several clues and see them work together to find whatever we’ve hidden. They really enjoy them on birthdays and holidays. It just makes the day more FUN! Everyone will have different items in their home so working as a team will give an advantage to conquer the items listed in the scavenger hunt:)

  119. There’s a little exercise called Adventures in Paradise. Perfect for remote workers that need some bonding. A way to reach into the virtual world and bring it into the fantasy that can be the real world. In this exercise everyone lists 3 different adventurous experiences from 3 different trips or vacations to far off places. Anything from climbing Mount Everest to alligator wrestling in the Florida everglades. Each participant will be sent in advance a green fabric to hang behind them to create a virtual paradise of their choosing from an array of pre-selected backgrounds. The trick is 2 experiences are lies and the 3rd is the only truth. The team will go one by one voting on which experiences are the lies. When the truth is revealed, each employee will have a brief chance to share their real life adventure providing a fun way to share relatable or not so relatable experiences that can bring together and inspire the team.

  120. A virtual team building activity I would host would be ‘SING THAT SONG’
    What would happen is one person would be the ‘leader’ first.
    Then, the rest of the staff would break into group of 3-5 people each.
    The leader would pick a topic, let’s say it’s “Disney” and every group would have 5 seconds to pick a Disney related song, and then ask a unrelated question maybe that they are currently working on at work or any question that has a correct answer.
    Whichever group who answers the question first and correctly, gets the opportunity to sing that song as a group. So let’s say they picked “LET IT GO”
    Here’s the kicker…
    if anybody messes up a word or they aren’t all singing, they don’t get the point.
    But if they all sing the song, they get the point and they answered something right with the leader so (imaginary brownie point)

    I think it would be a fun team building activity and it would loosen everybody up and bring them closer together.

  121. How about a virtual murder mystery or escape room, I know these aren’t new ideas but they are so much fun and really require the team to work together. Another idea I had was a game show buzzer event, there would be teams depending on the number of players, each player can have a virtual buzzer and there can be a host that would ask game show style questions. There could be a lot of different themes and rounds. Friendly competition is fun.

  122. I would do a picture sharing team building activity. One person at a time could bring a picture and hold it up and talk about that picture and hold it up and talk about that picture whether it is a picture of a family or a picture of your first day of Pre-K. They could also describe that picture and say what that picture means to them. This would be a great ice breaker and another way to get to know your work team in another way.

  123. Teams could have a lip sync song challenge, genre-switch song challenge, or parody challenge. The supervisor’s could provide the teams with a list of songs that are radio friendly. The teams could choose 1-3 songs for their musical battle. The teams would decide how they want to break up the song in the lip sync challenge: if they want one team member to cover the chorus each time, if they want the song divided equally among members, if they want each individual to cover a certain line, etc. If they chose to go with the genre-switch challenge they could turn a country song into a metal scream song or an alt-rock song into a super bubbly pop song. If they chose a parody they could change the song to include work related themed lyrics…or not. The teams could battle it out by going head to head with another team song for song for up to three songs. This activity would require multiple meetings so the participant’s are guaranteed enough time to get creative and get the songs done!

    Also, they could begin their activity with a quick creative word brain-teaser.
    Brain teaser eg: The participants take a familiar phrase such “that’s the way the cookie crumbles” and create as many similar but different alternate phrases as possible within a certain time frame.
    (Eg: The participants would submit answers like: “that’s the way the toilet flushes,” “that’s the way the skin burns,” “that’s the way the bread molds,” etc.

  124. How about a Fun Fitness Scavenger Hunt? Everyone goes to a hiking trail in their area at synchronized time and begin searching for items that would be found on almost any hiking trail:

    1. Indigenous flower.
    2. Oldest car seen on the drive over or in the parking lot.
    3. Body of water near the trail.
    4. Distance hiked.
    5. History of trail.
    6. Weather that day.
    7. Funniest outfit, hat, or t-shirt seen at the park while hiking.
    8. Etc.

  125. Most Zoom calls, Skype calls, etc., can mute singular mic and audio. Which allows for the idea that you could play something similar to telephone or “they said what?”. Having someone start with an initial message and seeing how soon it gets scrambled along the way or how distorted the message gets til it gets back around to the first person. This way everyone gets involved but nobody gets overwhelmed.

  126. One team building exercise that can be done virtually, during the pandemic, is doing a video chat with people, making masks together. You can take any cloth, such as shirts, or anything made of soft cotton material, cut them up, and make masks out of them. You can use new or used clothes, make sure they’re clean and sanitized, and make masks. The larger the clothes are, the more masks you can make.

  127. I think downloading games on one’s computer that involve teamwork and challenge could be fun too, especially games like Baraotrauma where you and a team have to work together to survive and keep a submarine afloat could be fun and help strengthen teamwork and friendships between coworkers.

  128. Connection has never been more important as we are all working from home. You can come up with many fun ideas that also do not feel like it is extra work. You can play old school games like Pictionary. You can have a tiger king event where everyone wears their leopard print. You can play virtual Clue where everyone has a role in the plot and has to figure it out. The ideas are limitless. You have to know your audience and interests to know what will fit the group.

  129. We can all build a story together that has a common theme. Each person will be assigned a part of the story. This way everybody is engaged and has equal importance in the group. It’s very funny to see how each individual show their personality and how surprising that can be for the other team members. This is sure to be a very entertaining and stress free activity that will promote a lot of laughter.

  130. We could all participate in a virtual “paint night.” Everyone has to paint the same person or thing, but the twist is you are assigned to only use one color! For example, we have to paint a picture of a lady and the only color I can use is pink! Any variation of the color pink (hot pink, pastel pink, and every color pink in between) after a set amount of time we all reveal our painting!

  131. We can build teams by remotely working together. Buy being on video conference with music in the background and team leaders on to answer question in chat or through voice. This will give the ability to bring teams together and push one another to do their best.

  132. A great virtual building activity will be to have a upon entering the company have questions like tell me about yourself to get to know the new members and I believe is always good to do a birthday celebration as a part of a team, have an hour in the week to be a happy hour and do games or just get to know each other

  133. I love all of the ideas presented. I have two ideas that come to mind. I am a very physically active person and with the online world dominating the marketplace currently, there is a lot of sitting to be in front of a computer. People perform better and think more clearly when they move more frequently.

    Two suggestions come to mind.

    Virtual – Minute to Win It!
    Tasks could be assigned to groups or individuals. Cup stacking, paperclip chains, origami… anything game that could be performed with common items. The tasks would be handed out and each team, partnering makes everything more fun, is given 1 minute to complete the task! Points could be awarded for the amount completed. The game would be won, when the group collectively earns a pre-set amount of points.

    Virtual -Dance Chain
    The video call should be recorded the entire time.
    Each person in the group perform 5 dance moves live, the second must pick up where the first left off and do 5 more, this would continue until everyone has performed their five moves. Since the call is recorded, the entire team dance could be played back for all to see. This creates a fun memorable, replayable experience that will be sure to make everyone smile.

  134. I always would start my staff meetings with something I called the Rose/Thorn activity. Each person goes around and shares a positive thing that has happened to them that week and shares something that they are struggling. It is optional to participate but highly encouraged. When we can delight in other peoples success or relate to one of their obstacles it can form bonds between co-workers. What I like the best though is the perspective and clarity it can bring when understanding other people.

    Also, whenever there is a tense moment, or a bored moment, or we need to shift direction I like to ask the question, “What is something that brought you joy today?” It helps to look for the little things in life that we may take for granted. Sometime the small sweet moments like the first sip of our coffee in the morning can bring out the most satisfaction. Reflecting on this joy helps us feel it again one more time.

    I also like taking ugly selfies and asking people to share them around the virtual office. Good for a laugh.

  135. Everyone loves to sing! I think online karaoke with popcorn effect would help people loosen up! Maybe even have it with duos!

  136. TikTok is very popular, and could definitely be used as team building while of course social distancing. I am not much of a singer or dancer so challenging other team members to dance and lip sing offs. This would boost confidence and slowly become more easy over time

  137. A great team-building activity would be to take a group of co-workers and develop a character that has a trait from each. Whether it be hair color, past experiences, or certain skills the character would be formed through a collaboration among the members. There would be multiple teams, and the other teams would have to guess which trait of the character comes from which actual member of the team.

  138. What if you could find our have someone create a virtual garden program where everyone gets together and has a part in growing vegetables in order to sustain your teams food supply. Everyone would have to work together to plant, water and talk about the best ways to tend to the garden. It would teach team work so that the garden doesn’t die off and you have the food your team needs to survive.

  139. Something like an “at-home” scavenger hunt where you pick 5 items that could be in a household such as “band-aid, sock, apple, tooth-pick and a spoon.” Whichever team finds the most items the quickest wins!

  140. How about a version of Cards Against Humanity! It’s fun because you learn a lot about how people think and what choices they might make.

  141. I love the idea of playing virtual bingo with the team. I would probably add some giftcards in their just to make it more interesting.I believe that it can nuture good work relationships even with it being on virtual. I think that its critical buiding and establishing good relationships with team memebers and I am happy to utilize this tool to achieve this goal digitally.

  142. The Peanut Butter and Jelly team building exercise is one of the best team building exercises and it also helps make sure that you explain things fully to your team so that they understand the meaning of what you are saying.

  143. Team building becomes even more important when working virtually. Getting some team rap battles going is something my team has done in the past. Guidelines and subjects to keep the raps semi work related were set forth to make sure we kept it fun, and the team members had a great time with it!

  144. A virtual scavenger hunt sounds really cool as well. Have a office theme. Call out an item that would be in an office. Each team will select a member to go and find it. EXP: find a red marker or look for a dry eraser. The first team to find it gets a point. First team to 10 wins.

  145. The 70s and 80s had some extremely cheesy game shows. And as we all know, the cheesier the easier to laugh and let our guards down. I would love to see a Monty Hall, let’s make a deal type of remote team building. They could be themed. For example, today’s theme is What’s in your Pantry. Then issue credits or points for anyone who has canned cream corn, or dried apricots, or whatever random item the facilitator can think of. Of course start off with a basic item so many get involved right off the bat. Then as a final bonus or a tie breaker, let everyone offer up their most unusual item in their pantry. The team then gets to vote and determine a winner. This could be played with costumes for an extra layer of laughs and creativity.

  146. A remote team building event you can do remotely is having the employees make a company song. There can be a moderator online to show them how to use the music software that will be downloaded to each member (or the producer of the groups) computer. Depending on the number of participants each member of the group can be responsible for a single instrument or a single process of song making. By the end of the session, each person will have a copy of the song they made for the company, knowing they have played a major part in it. Not only will the employees have a new respect for music, but through the process, they’ll learn how to work with each other effectively.

  147. First thing that comes to mind is Strip Poker! I’m totally just kidding guys, I don’t know y’all like that!
    I have a few of my favorites that come to mind! I’m not sure if you guys have heard of the game mafia but OMG is it fun! (Yes you keep your clothes on)! Each person is randomly assigned a character. Most of the time you choose from pre selected playing cards! You will either draw a towns person, a cop, or the mafia. Obviously you don’t let anyone know who you are because that would just be stupid. One person runs the game with their eyes open. They will tell everyone to “go to sleep” close your eyes. They will say mafia wake up, silently with no movement as possible the mafia wake up. They say who do you want to kill. The mafia will agree on a single person. The idea is they are trying to kill the cop before the cop figures out who they are. Then the mafia goes to sleep and cop wakes up. They are asked who do they want to know about. The cops will pick a player and the game lead will either shake their head yes they are mafia or no they are not. Cops then go to sleep. Everyone wakes up. The dead person from that round is announced and they are now silenced. Then if the cop asked about someone and were told they are the mafia, they try to convince everyone to kill them off. Orrrr it could be the mafia tricking you! Then everyone can make accusations. If 3 or more people agree on a single person they can kill them off. You have to be carful though because you might be killing your cop! Your only chance at beating the mafia! The accused have 1 minute to defend themselves and why they are not the mafia. A vote is taken and you proceed. Once all the mafia or all the cops are killed. The game is over and one will come out victories! Long story short, it’s a great team building game that brings a lot of laughs!

    Another one I love is while sitting in front of your computer on a Skype call with the team. The leader says an household item and the first person back to the camera with it wins a point! My person favorite is Dogs! I have 3 to pick from!

    Last one I promise! It’s what I like to call the finer things night. Yes, I took the idea from the show the Office! Everyone dresses and cleans themselves up, lights a candle, and has their favorite dinner ready to eat. The team all video eats together talking in sophisticated voices! I have done this with my friends while in quarantine! It was a blast because we love the office and are weirdos!

    Thank you and Good Day!

  148. I would enjoy seeing a team building activity that requires movement! Like a Zumba activity that we do on cam, incorporating what we need to learn by asking questions & the correct individual to answer gets to lead the next movement activity.

  149. I think a great team building exercise would be a virtual cooking class! We would all have to cook the same dish and afterwards we can share what made it taste better, what didn’t etc… Its a great effective way to practice communication and super fun!

  150. As I sit here typing I am listening to a fantastic trumpeter and improv group outside my window here in the city of Richmond VA, and it brings me to thinking about talents and hobbies. With guidelines and rules of course, if everyone on the team would bring their hobbies and talents, whether it is a musical instrument, photography, crochet and knitting, creative journaling excerpts, for example, for display and convo. Basically it’s like show and tell, but showcasing creative outlets. One example of this is “Playing for change” that I found on youtube, which gathers musicians around the world and everyone plays using headsets together, for the betterment of the community. Its amazing and gave me this idea. It is filmed with people in their countries, out in nature, playing and singing.. and people could just show the great outdoors where they live, get out of their house. the game could be “guess this place”!

  151. As a sales and team building exercise, team members can provide their handle for one of their social media platforms (LinkedIn, IG, FB etc.) they partner with another team member then find a specific example of how one of “our” products would benefit them. This tackles finding a fun fact about your teammates and also aides to discovering needs and providing benefits of “our” product to your audience. Sell it to your team with a presentation of the fun fact you discovered a f pitch the product that will beat suit them.

  152. When I worked as a youth pastor we found the best way to build group rapport was to create vulnerability or laughter, two things that are typically not present when you work alone at home. The good news is technology has made both of these possible virtually. Personally, I love laughter and “The Oreo Challenge” is a great opportunity to laugh. Everyone takes a cookie (usually an Oreo) places the cookie on their forehead and races to get the cookie to their mouth without their hands. If vulnerability is more what you are looking for a simple “Question of the Day” allows virtual workers to hear and be heard by and with co-workers.

  153. Collaborative create-spaces can be useful for remote teams!
    A virtual artspace where participants can contribute to a group artpiece can be either directed and goal-oriented (e.g. “Draw a picture of a tree, each person adding one stroke at a time”) or more freeform and creative. This idea can also be adapted to written work — group members can write a story, poem, etc., and could be used as a one-off, a repeated exercise, or an ongoing activity.

  154. Michael, this is such an important topic. You raised some important points, especially about potential loneliness, the range of personalities, and the possibility that remote work will have some unexpected challenges for some workers. Another team-building activity to add to this “best of” list is the Remote Lunch and Learn. This activity is so flexible and works for almost every personality. Sometimes the team can just eat their lunch together, chiming in periodically while hearing something inspiring or learning something new. Other times, colleagues can have free-ranging discussions or contribute more directly to a topic, especially those that might really enjoy time around the virtual water cooler! Thanks for this great post!

  155. Create a “skit”. In the skit, you have three “actors/actresses”and 1 director. The fun comes in when the director provides the lines and helping improve on each performers stage play. Be critical without being a “know-it-all”. Allow each performer the opportunity to apply his/her own personality. Take turns being the “director” and allowing everybody the chance to play each role. Some people want to lead but have a difficult time being given instructions or following others. You can’t lead if you can’t follow.

  156. Everyone has heard of the events that some art studios have that include painting and drinking wine. An instructor has everyone paint the same picture, usually a nature scene. Everyone puts their own little touches on it to make the painting their own, such as painting the leaves on the trees different than the person next to you, or using a brighter shade of orange in a sunset painting. I think this could be a good virtual team building activity for members of a team to do at home on a video call with other members of their team (all while having a glass of wine, maybe). After everyone’s done with their masterpiece, they can have a “virtual art gallery”, and vote on the best painting (to add a little bit of friendly competition to the mix).

  157. A fun idea could be to have all members do a virtual race through an obstacle course using easy commands such as the space bar to jump and the arrow keys to move while the character moves forward at the same speed and will only lose speed if they hit an obstacle. Then from the first race you start breaking the character controls into a team building exercise where you have one member focus on jumping, one person focus on avoiding all obstacles on the left, one on the right, ect. This could be a great tool for simplifying each action and showing that working as a team can often lead to each person focusing on one small task and doing it properly over worrying about the “obstacles” coming at you from all directions at once.

  158. A great team build would be a scavenger hunt. It would be best for bigger groups but you can break up in team. first team that completes all the tasks win.

  159. I play a game with my out-of-state friends that I cannot see often. I think it would be great to turn into a team building event. You use an email generator randomly send emails to the group, lets say of 6. 4 people will receive an email that tells them they are an Agent. 1 person will get an email that tells them they are a manipulator. The last gets an email that they are a Villain (because I who doesn’t want to be one every once in a while). Everyone gets a turn to ask only open ended questions, and then everyone gets to answer. After every round the group gets to discuss who they think is the Villain. After every round one person is eliminated until only three are left. If the Villain is in the last two, they win the game. It makes people get creative with their questions and then pushes the people answering to work up a carefully crafted response.

  160. A fun (and funny!) team-building activity you could do is Guess That Baby!

    Prior to the event, everyone sends in a picture of themselves as a baby or young child.

    The facilitator creates a virtual collage of all the pictures and splits the team into groups.

    Each group tries to correctly match each of their colleagues with the appropriate baby picture. The team that has the most correct guesses wins!

  161. I think that a great way to build a team, through remote activities in to play a video game where we all can add our own story.

  162. A game you can play with clients is a word game where you start out with a word and you can add or take away a letter to make a new word or you can change one of the existing letters in that word to make any word but you cannot make the same word twice and you continue going around until someone cannot make a word out of the word they got.

  163. Especially during this time of increased number of people working remote, a fun team building activity to be done through zoom would be musical bingo! Each person has a bingo card and each square has the name of a song or artist, 10 seconds of a song is played, if you are able to identify the song or artist you then mark your bingo square. Different musical themes each time or by audience.

  164. Make a TikTok while in the grid view of a video call and act like you’re passing a drink to the person next to you, below you above you, etc in order so it looks like a drink is being passed around. Fun addition to a virtual happy hour!

  165. The combination of ideas from not only the article but all the comments are great! I myself am finding a new “normal” amidst the current changes. One of those including becoming more acquainted with working from home. This makes you rethink not only how you function and work best but how to bring out the best in everyone while not physically being in the same room.

    Personally I think creating a virtual cooking class would be great. Each week the selected individual would have to chose 5 ingredients from their fridge and make a dish out of it. This would help in creativity of how to create a dish on the spot but also with only 5 ingredients. During the session everyone would be allowed to make suggestions to help in the process. Food brings people together and this could be a great way to keep that going virtually.

    Depending on the size of the group you could even make this competitive having the group nominate a winner after everyone has participated.

    Food for thought,

  166. It’s called “That’s Right Bob,” it’s an improv game. Everyone would be working at the same news station and they would all continue to add to the story. You can’t reject any idea and you have to remember the information from the prior persons story and add to it. When the next person takes on the story they have to say “That’s Right Bob,” then they continue with their story. It helps everyone be open to all the crazy ideas we have in our heads and realize that it’s an open and free space to create.

  167. What about at random a genre of music is picked and each team has to agree on one artist of the said genre and collaborate a best top 3 songs for each artist, after they pick the top 3 songs they pick in what order they are played and go head to head seeing which songs from each artist is better than the other one in the order they are picked by playing the songs. Call it Pump up the Jam

  168. There are so many great ideas here! I think an interesting virtual team building activity would be an arts and crafts or STEAM challenge. With a list of items most people have in their house, like toothpicks, toilet paper, cups, and rubber bands/hair ties (so many possibilities!) you would challenge everyone to create something out of them. Once everyone is finished, have a show and tell to see all of the different creations people come up with. See whose is the cutest, the biggest, the silliest! Or just enjoy and celebrate everyone’s unique creations and perspectives. You could also do an activity where you don’t have a specific list of materials, but a challenge for each person to make the same thing with a time limit. For example, you can challenge your team to each create a bridge out of whatever materials they can find, and when the time is up see whose can hold the most weight! It is fun to think on your feet and bring the physical world around you into your virtual work place, as well as engage in a little friendly competition. Get those problem solving, creative wheels turning!

  169. How about online “Clue” game. Suspense and drama will keep everyones attention. Make two teams and put a storyline out and everyone has to solve the mystery. Making someone on the team the culprit.

  170. This article is so great. I love all these really great ideas. They all sound fun. A game that we use to play at an old job of mine was “Child Match.” Everyone would send a photo of themselves as children and a little explanation about the photo. Everyone as a group will decide who is what child and whoever has the most points at the end of the game, wins.

  171. Bring back the classics. Play a game of bingo. Have prizes like a $50 gift card to Best Buy, or Olive Garden. Or play a virtual game of Monopoly. Feature a different board game each week. Hardly anyone can refuse a good ole classic board game.

  172. A great virtual team building activity could be an online escape room that the team would all sign into. They would have a video chat going so they could see each other. They would have to come up with solutions to problems, solve puzzles and work together to escape the room before the 60 minutes run out. This is very versatile and could be customized to many different versions. This could have different themes ranging from outer space to stuck in a cabin.

  173. I think it would be a cool idea to do a show and tell, but with hidden talents that people have. Whether it’s knitting really fast, or being ridiculously flexible, you’d learn something new about your coworkers..

  174. I think a good virtual team builder would be to have everyone gather items, whether they be from around the house, outside, from wherever. Each person of the team would then illustrate, with the items they have chosen, what the most challenging aspect of working from home is on a day to day basis. Then, each team member would present it to the team and each person could give input on how they think they could help their team member overcome their challenge.

  175. There are so many different team building activities you can do. Although I do feel as though you need to get to know your team first, some individuals may be introverted and not open to playing many games others would, in fact it might make them very uncomfortable. If we were able to simply start out with a “get to know your team“ building activity. One simple idea would be, write down one interesting fact about yourself/life that no one knows yet…
    Once done this information will go into the group chat by the chat leader and everyone will have to guess what fact belongs to whom. Once we have established a more connection this will make it much easier for others to be apart of a more complex team builder activity!

  176. Trivia is always always a crowd-pleaser. How about “trivia with a twist.” One of my biggest struggles with remote work is inactivity. Participants are divided into two groups. This trivia game is not only timed, but if you give a wrong answer… you have to move. Time runs out and all questions aren’t answered, the whole team has to move. Movements can be jumping jacks, dancing in place, toe touches, squats, lunges, whatever the person would like to do for a period of 15 seconds. A short display of physical prowess and on to the next question. 🙂

  177. There are so many great ideas on this page for team building activities!! I think that virtual board games would be a fun activity. A game of show and tell would be especially fun, as well.

  178. Working remotely means spending a significant amount of time in a chair behind a desk, so getting up and moving is the motivation behind my idea of a Scavenger Hunt. Each participant brings a pre-determined amount of items to the meeting that are from within their household (within reason). Each participant takes a turn holding up an item and the other participants have to go find that same item within their household. Whoever brings the item back the quickest gets the point. If no one brings back the item then the person that presented the item gets the point. Up Move Down Laugh Repeat.

  179. I think the guess the baby photo is a great and super simple idea! I think a caption the meme game would be interesting, certain “cards” could be geared towards certain specific areas as well. For example, the cards used for the game could be positive or encouraging captions and team member photos during the time on the team, or the team members could even create the captions for the photos.

    With a background in the arts, I could also see creative art competitions or creative writing activities. Keeping it simple, teams could be challenged to create something out of a toilet paper role, for example, and work on collaborating virtually to develop and create the final product. Also, team members could be asked to create a diy organizational object, planner, or chart as they work from home to share with the others. To keep it less work related, participants could create an accessory or craft cocktail instead!

  180. I like the idea of “Virtual Musical Chairs”. Take turns with your music of choice whenever the music stops the last person to respond with the answer or anyone with a wrong answer to a relevant work-related question has to “reveal” something nobody knows about them or an embarrassing/funny story.

  181. I for one like the aspect of doing a virtual scavenger hunt but not for physicals items. More like, online information and whichever team comes up with all the correct answers first would win. I would definitely have some type of points system set up for on going team building games.
    These types of games are not only engaging and fun but will build your team up with trust and open up lines of communication within your team as well as promotes being self sufficient in these times of technology.

  182. One example of a remote team bonding activity that came to mind was a virtual fitness camp. For a week, the team would check in with a live trainer on a Zoom conference call. For an hour a day, the trainer would then direct workouts and different at-home exercises for the team. With this pandemic targeting the entire world’s health, I feel it is essential that we all start building our bodies and immune system up to better defend against these diseases.

    I feel like this team bonding activity would give a chance for everyone to really feel like a sports team and serve as a reminder that there is always room for improvement.

  183. Here’s an idea for a simple but fun activity that lets you get to know a little bit of the personal life of your fellow virtual co-workers. Bring your pet or child to work day. Each employee can fill out a questionnaire about their kids or pets and then have a Zoom “bring them to work day”

  184. In the past I have had teams do virtual comedy. Getting everyone on a virtual call and having everyone perform “appropriate” jokes in a 60 second bit(anything longer is just too long). Everyone loves to laugh and you get to see a different side of most people. Make it a Happy Hour Event at your own risk!

  185. I would enjoy doing a Mad-Lib type of game virtually, where each team member gets to chose different adjectives, nouns, and verbs without seeing the other team members responses. After everyone has made their responses, we would end up with a story that would be interesting, if nothing else. This would help get to know people better, and give everyone a good laugh.

  186. I absolutely love this article! I have a couple of different ideas for virtual team building. Personally, I always enjoyed when my boss would start off meeting asking us how we were, what was new in our lives, etc. There wasn’t always time for this sort of thing but it did bring us together and reminded us to connect. I think incorporating this into weekly meetings on a smaller scale would be great! No one wants to be involved in a meeting or video chat that takes up a large part of their day. So have each participant post their response to the general how have you been question before the meeting. This would have to be on a discussion board that is available for everyone to see. Then the meeting coordinator can take 5-10 minutes at the beginning of the meeting to highlight the team’s responses and connect with the group. It would keep everyone engaged and help build that feeling of actual relationships between your virtual team.

    I also think that a “virtual water cooler” would be a great idea. Part of working in an office and with a team is the social interaction. Working from home makes that massively harder to accomplish. Virtual water cooler meetings at what ever frequency is needed for your team would be another great way to stay connected. This could work a number of ways. This could be a meeting that the entire team joins in on or just a select number of team members. The idea is that the water cooler is a place to connect with your coworkers and talk about things other than work. Maybe offer a weekly virtual water cooler meeting where everyone gets together and discusses topics your care about. I recommend having a discussion board open for your virtual water cooler. This will give you and your team a place to go when they need a break. These topics can be submitted to the organizer and posted to the virtual water cooler discussion board. One or two can be discussed with your team each week then crossed off the discussion board list. It should be fun and engaging, you know your team best so use that knowledge to filter through submitted topics. Or maybe there is a time that is really stressing your or one of your employees out. It could also be a great way to take a break. Team members could post in the discussion board that they need a virtual water cooler break. Anyone who is available or also needs a break could schedule a call or video chat water cooler break together.

  187. Okay guys, how cool is the tiny campfire?? You get your own “s’mores kit” and you get to sit around a virtual campfire with your team! It’s only an hour and a half and you can do it from anywhere as long as you can virtually join in! It’s easy, fun, and who doesn’t love s’mores around a campfire?!

  188. I would recommend a virtual At Home Massage activity where remote staff would receive a list of common household items to bring for their session, such as a tennis ball, long socks (to put ball in), and rolling pin. They could also receive a wellness package with a small massage oil, inexpensive candles, and an inexpensive hand held massage tool. They would check in for their session, and be guided through some self massage techniques to relieve muscle tension.

  189. I am passionate about traveling the world, so I think it would be fun for a team to share with each other photos of places they’ve been that they love, or places that are on the top of their list of places that they dream of visiting. This is also a great way to learn a little more about each other and find out if anyone on their team shares the same dream or shares any of the same experiences.

  190. One way to engage the virtual team is to have everyone take a turn to share their favorite comfort food recipes and then discuss ways to change them to fit their particular tastes. It’s deeper than a simple yes or no and encourages our brains to think creatively and that will help to increase camaraderie. This lane switch will also help us to divert attention away from what we were doing before the team building activity so when we go back to it, we’ll be able to focus even better.

  191. Mister Rogers call’s sounds like a very fun way to get everyone connected to their lives outside of work. Sometimes only having to talk about work can be no fun at all, so having a designated meeting where you can talk about your interests and outside of work activities sounds like an amazing way to virtually include everyone in something fun.

  192. I have always liked the idea of speed dating, so why not make a virtual team building version called “Speed Building”? Through Speed Building, each team member gets an allotted amount of time to tell interesting facts about themselves (favorite color, places they’ve traveled, etc). By the end of the activity, they have opened up to each other and are more comfortable around their peers, which boosts morale.

  193. Take a top leader, and a seasoned rep. Have them engage in role play of several different scenarios that come in to play with that specific company. The participants then will discuss and create a solution as a team.

  194. “Just Relax”
    Virtual meditation is a great way to relax after a long day of work. Supplies that previously need to be sent to employees are dark chocolate, peppermint tea bags, small lavender candles (which are all known as relaxants), and yoga mats. All team members should be instructed to have their tea made and chocolate ready to consume during the introduction. First, the facilitator will ask some opening questions such as how do you feel at the end of a work shift, what frustrations do you experience throughout the day, what do you do to relax, etc. Next, the facilitator will practice basic breathing techniques with the group. After that, everyone heads to their mat to get comfy sitting or laying down. The facilitator will play soothing music while talking the group through the meditation session. They will end by chatting about how they feel after the exercise.

  195. Virtual Dance party. Each person gets to pick the music for a short period of time and then the dancing commences. Regardless of how horrible you dance, YOU MUST MOVE!!! We all sit enough anyway. I started doing dance parties in my office and it not only makes all my employees laugh but they all got to laugh at me being an idiot for a few minutes when we got too stressed out.

  196. I have an idea of bell capture, where the boss has two bells attached to a cat and everyone else has to grab the bells before lunch or noone gets to eat.

  197. I think a fun team-building activity would be to make an office party mixed tape!
    Each person uploads their favorite song (or a song they want to share) to a group website so the facilitator can arrange the music playback or order….
    Then at the launch of the party (in person or virtual) before each song is played the team member gets to explain why they chose it and what that songs means to them. Almost like a musical show and tell. All could have access to the mix tape for personal use after the event.
    In the end, everyone would have exposure to new music and get to know their fellow mates.

  198. March Madness

    Employees break into teams and give themselves a college basketball name. Each team plays against each other having to answer specific questions. Each question holds a certain number of points, either a 2-point shot or a 3-point shot. Correct answers collect the number of points. Three wrong answers in a row gives the other team 2 foul shots, 1 point each. Game is to 21. Brackets are created for each team, replicating the bracket form for march madness. There is a sweet sixteen, elite 8, final four, and championship game!

  199. Everyone needs to go to their kitchen and grab their favorite item whether it be a snack, fruit, a drink, a dip, or meal. Don’t show what you have grabbed just yet to your team. Each person gets a turn to use one word hints to describe what they have chosen. When your team guesses correctly you then explain why you chose that item and why you love it, this way it is fun, interactive, and let’s everyone learn a little bit about each other!

  200. A virtual talent-contest could be a great way to learn about each of your co-workers, and let them show off their strengths at the same time. I believe that everyone deserves recognition and theres no better way than to have people show you first hand what they’re great at! Before or after the talent, each individual can explain how they got into their talent, and what gave them the drive to pursue it.
    “OH, Sarah sings? I had no idea. She should join Team Kelly on the voice.”
    “Derek just pulled a rabbit out of a top hat? That makes sense. He’s always talking about magic.”
    “Pat just made me spit out my water because he was so hilarious! I didn’t know he was funny because he’s usually so reserved!”

  201. I think it would be fun to make an office mascot virtually together. Everyone in the office would be mailed a body part from a mystery creature in advance like a large dino foot, unicorn horn, scorpion tail or a bat wing. Everyone would have to try to log in and out of Zoom and hold their body part in front of the camera until the gallery view makes a somewhat well organized creature for someone on their screen. The first person to screenshot the creature that looks the most completely assembled when the Zoom boxes are aligned correctly wins and gets to give the mascot creature a name. The finished mascot could be printed on t-shirts with the company logo to remind everyone that they all have different skills and talents but they combine together to form one cohesive albeit slightly misshapen beast. And let’s be honest the screenshots throughout the process would be awesome.

  202. All of the ideas mentioned above are wonderful ways of helping establish connections between remote employees (as well as ones that work IRL in an office setting). One thing I would also suggest in addition to all of these games and activities are traditional board games like Scrabble or Settlers of Catan and video games like Super Smash Brothers and Mario Kart. Such games make for lots of laughs and a natural breaking of ice that might otherwise not happen, as the games I suggested are ones that people play in their day to day lives as adults.

  203. Having a werewolf session is a great way to have fun and strengthen relationships. I played in Tanzania during my study abroad trip and we now have a group chat called “Werewolf Gang”. The game brought us closer together for long-lasting relationships I will have for the rest of my life.

  204. Virtual Happiness
    Many of us at some point in time have wondered about the meaning and elements of happiness, a question that has had philosophers contemplate for thousands of years. To Aristotle for example “Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life” 

    It would be wonderful idea to have an activity that focuses on happiness of the team and each individual. Before the activity each person would have a week to think about the things that give them joy and happiness. For the session they will need to write down.

    -3 Happy Memories
    -What is Happiness to you?
    -What is beautiful about your company and the team that forms it? 
    -BONUS* Find an object that brings you Positive Emotions

    Being able to share these questions and views during the Virtual Happiness activity will help the team bond and see the unique aspects of each other.

  205. Let me introduce to you Hocus Pocus Focus!
    This event is lead with a Halloween trivia, there will be select teams and this will take cooperation and communication skills! The next event will be a craft activity where each individual will get colored construction paper, scissors, black marker, and tape and you must create a spooktacular craft! Finally, the games will end with who can make the biggest balloon pumpkin without it popping, and drawing your own spooky pumpkin!

  206. I think one of the most important aspects of team building is working together for a common goal. It can create bonds and transform coworkers to friends, and by putting them in a situation where they have to do that, no matter how silly it may seem, can help them learn more about one another and learn to rely on each other in larger ways than they might imagine. That’s why I like the idea of War of the Wizards so much. It puts people into a party where they have to learn to work together in a fun, easygoing environment. As a fan of Dungeons and Dragons myself, I have first hand experience with this. I’ve met people through it that have become very close friends, and I believe the activity would achieve the same result.


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