I’ve spent about 10% of my life in China. One of my favourite things about the country is the Xiao Qu System, where apartments are clustered together as communities instead of standing alone like we usually do in Toronto or NYC. FYI: the Chinese word, 小区, translates to “little area”; so you could also call this the Little Area System.

Here’s how it works…

  • Each community usually has 8 to 20 buildings clustered together;
  • Older buildings are low rises, but newer buildings are usually high rises;
  • Often there is designated commercial space for grocery markets, convenience stores, restaurants, barber shops, etc., and some people setup apartment-businesses like massage;
  • There are also other amenities, like kindergartens / primary schools, medical centres and outdoor gyms.

Today’s video is about outdoor exercise parks in China. I recorded it at a Xiao Qu in Beijing.


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