Pace Smith on Creating a Mission Based Business

Kyeli and Pace are leading the Connection Revolution, a path with heart to help idealists that want to change the world. I invited them to speak at WriterViews because I was curious how to go about structuring a website as a “do-good” mission while still running it as a for profit business. A great big hook of the Connection Revolution is the honest and open voice of the writing, and I’m sure you’ll appreciate that same openness in this interview. So, whether you are on a mission to earn more money, gain more influence, or save a few lives – please, enjoy the show.

Watch this interview and you will learn:

  • turn visitors to readers with a hook-punch combo;
  • assembling a manifesto from idea to writing to design;
  • how to put together a course that earns $20,000 in revenue the first year (and almost $40,000 the next);
  • pricing products so they are actually marketable;
  • the mid-boss & the advisor: practical steps for building a business with your partner.

I also learned the word addle, which the default Apple dictionary tells me means something along the lines of: make unable to think clearly; confuse : being in love must have addled your brain.

Want to help me thank K&P for this interview? Link to the Connection Revolution using the keywords “change the world”. Thanks!

Oh, and I recorded this interview at 5am China time – so apologies for the dim lighting (and somewhat dim Michael).

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