Advanced Freelancing Tactics – Robert Williams

I met Robert Williams a few years back when I interviewed him about his success as a freelance designer.

Now, Robert runsĀ a cool online business, Workshop.

Basically, Workshop is a platform that connects designers and other service providers with business owners via streams of project leads. This service is especially valuable for people who are talented at their craft, but don’t have time or interest to do marketing. You pay the quarterly membership dues and Robert turns on the fire hose of project leads.

Robert was a freelancer designer before he launched Workshop. So, when Robert asked to interview me about freelancing strategy and tactics I knew I had to deliver at an advanced level.

This interview covers many of the fundamentals of freelancing, including:

  • choosing your profitable idea;
  • how to land big name clients even when you have no experience;
  • pricing and negotiation;

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