Virtual Happy Hour Ideas, Games & Activities

Below you will find virtually happy hour ideas, including both virtual happy hour games and activities.

These ideas are meant to provide 10 to 20 minutes of entertainment during a virtual meeting. Virtual happy hours are a great way to promote healthy engagement for remote employees.

Here is the list.

List of virtual happy hour ideas

The following are some of my favorite games and activities for virtual happy hours with coworkers.

1. The Great Debate

The Great Debate is a way to add fun and engagement to remote meetings that otherwise lack it. To do The Great Debate, present an issue to your team. This issue could be something like, “should we do more Slack or email?” or “what are arguments to either increase or decrease employee morale?”. You can choose from a wide variety of topics, and The Great Debate will be most successful when you have two distinct sides; even when one side is something silly arguments in favor of decreasing morale.

For the actual activity:

  1. Divide your people into two teams.
  2. Assign one side of the debate to each team.
  3. Give the teams three minutes to brainstorm a list of arguments for that side of the debate.
  4. Do a virtual lineup of team members, and have each person share a one or two sentence argument, alternating from one side of the debate to the other
  5. Choose a winning side.

Pro Tip: It doesn’t really matter which side wins, as long as you announce it either way. People like closure for a debate even more than they like winning it.

The Great Debate works for virtual employee engagement because it encourages your people to think creatively and dynamically about important topics. If you have a virtual office where everyone agrees on everything all the time then you also have an office with a limited viewpoint. The Great Debate encourages your people to share diverse ideas, and to listen to each other.

2. Champion of the World

When Tasia joined Museum Hack, the first non virtual happy hour she ran included a wildly chaotic game called Champion of the World. This experience is essentially a giant game of Rock, Paper, Scissors and you can easily adapt it for virtual happy hour activities.

To play via Zoom, Webex or other virtual conference calls:

  1. Two players face off for a rapid round of Rock, Paper, Scissors. You can do “best of three”, or single lightning rounds.
  2. The non-winning player starts a “posse” and cheers on the winner for the rest of the game.
  3. The winning player then challenges another person on the call to the same Rock, Paper, Scissors showdown.
  4. Each subsequent player joins the posse for the prevailing winner. The more wild and enthusiastic the cheers the better.
  5. Continue playing until the final two players have competed.
  6. Crown the victor as the Champion of the World.

Champion of the World is an example of adapting virtual happy hour games with coworkers to fit the unique mechanics of online platforms. You can adapt other games and activities for your remote happy hour too.

3. Virtual Happy Hour Trivia

Most people have joined a game of trivia before, whether it was virtual trivia or the kind you play in a pub over a cold pint. Virtual Happy Hour Trivia works with familiar rules, and so is a quick and fun way to get started with virtual happy hour activities.

To play Virtual Happy Hour Trivia:

  1. Curate a list of questions for your game. I recommend scanning Google for “top 10 lists” of weird facts and similar. You can also use this list of trivia questions.
  2. Organize your people into teams for the purpose of collecting points.
  3. Do your virtual trivia as a free-for-all, which means anyone can shout out the answer and the first correct answer gets a team point.
  4. Run through all of your trivia questions then tally up the points and declare a winner.

Virtual Happy Hour Trivia is a dynamic game that you can play over and over again. Each time, just mixup the teams and trivia questions to refresh the experience.

4. 1 Minute Meditation

Meditation is a mindful practice that helps create clarity and other benefits. You can bring a little calm to your next virtual happy hour with 1 Minute Meditation. To do this activity:

  1. Instruct your team on how to do simple meditation: eyes closed, body relaxed, focus set internally.
  2. Announce the start of the 1 Minute Meditation.
  3. End the meditation by guiding your remote team through three deep breaths.

Here is a 1 minute guided meditation on YouTube that you can use.

Sometimes also it takes is one minute to improve the tone and engagement of a virtual meeting. 1 Minute Meditation is one way you achieve this goal.

Final Thoughts

Virtual happy hours are one great way to improve engagement for remote teams. I also recommend playing online games with your team..

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