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Hi, I’m Michael. I grew up in small-town Canada, but I spend a lot of time in NYC & Beijing. One thing I’ve been thinking about is how I can do “fewer things, but better.” I think it’s important to do our best work, but I have a habit of tinkering and working on multiple tasks at the same time; which produces good work, but arguably not my best.

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  • Hi I am Courtney,
    I found this site because I am applying to be your virtual assistant. I love your message Michael. I have spent a lot of time recently thinking about adult life. Find job, find a spouse, find a house. Thats the basic formula. But it won’t work for everyone and certainly not for me. I have worked a lot of jobs in my life but I have yet to find the one that captures my heart and provides enough money to live the life I need. But I feel I am about to crest this hill. I feel that web development offers it all. Creativity, freedom and security.

    • Hi Courtney – thank you for sharing your story. Agreed that the “default” life path is often seen as the only one… and following any other path is challenging. re: web development, definitely opportunity for the balance you want. My #1 recommendation would be to go very niche, “web designer for law firms with 3 to 6 lawyers” (a big growth stage). Or, you seem to have a beautiful etsy shop, maybe you could help some brick and mortar holdouts get online… best of luck.

  • Hi I am Ariane from Austria living in the Bay Area; I found this site because I appreciate your writing and am one of your happy clients. Recently I have been thinking a lot about my art (music, I am a bass player) and the art of business (I have an online bass teaching portal). Both efforts take a lot of time and just keeping my chops up (musically and business wise) is a full time effort, albeit a happy one. What is exhausting, though, is the constant need to reinvent myself based on changing technologies, trends and the nature of doing business online. I am also obsessed with answering my clients immediately, which is a bit to my detriment sometimes (when a client in the UK tells me on email, look, it is 3.00AM where you are right now, my question really can wait until it is morning your time… I guess the word obsession seems right). So, switching off and better prioritizing!

  • Hi Michael – I found your site as it was mentioned through tech jobs website. More and more people are working virtually and with the increasing AI technology, we may soon not know the difference. Being able to access technology and work remotely just about anywhere is changing our world as we know it. I look forward to reading your guides and blog.


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