Child Slavery Talking Points

When I wear my Child Slavery is a Solvable Problem hat, it starts a lot of conversations.

A guy at Chipotle will say, “I love your hat!”

A dude on the subway will say, “keep fighting the good fight, brotha’”

A lady at an event will say, “that’s such an important message.”

Much of the time, people are just giving kudos — it’s enough to reply, “thank you! It’s something I’m passionate about.”

But sometimes these folks want to share their story or ask questions. If you wear this hat, people will ask you too. So, I created this quick list of talking points to help you navigate the convo. These answers are similar or simplified versions of what I usually say.


Sex Tourism’s Evil Twin / Is Your Best Friend a Rapist?

A few years ago a friend made a comment…

“Whenever I hear about a single guy going to Thailand I assume he is going for the prostitutes.”

It’s inaccurate and unfair to lump every guy in that category, but it did get me thinking; who is going abroad for sex?

I’ll share the answer in a moment.

First, let me give you some context…


My Pledge to End Child Slavery

I want my life’s work to be ending child slavery.

But I have a problem…

For years I’ve put the emphasis on the “want” instead of “work”. The result is that I’ve done nearly nothing to progress my goal or to help actual enslaved children. I have all kinds of excuses for delaying this:


Human Trafficking Resources

Here, you’ll find lists of books, talks and other sources that inform my understanding of child slavery. You can use the material to further your knowledge and to share with others. Press Ctrl+D to bookmark this page.