8 Million Books to Read This Weekend

Some books are good and some are kind of shit.

The shit list also includes many best sellers.

“Best selling doesn’t mean best written” – Genghis Khan

? Some of the best books are barely known ?

Maybe because they are on unsexy topics like history, science, math, etc.

Also fiction!

And sometimes because they were written 30 or 100 years ago.

Important: You can read these books! And IMO we would all benefit from it.

Unknown books get you outside the echo of best seller info/opinions and help you develop more unique ideas.

Which makes you smarter, more charming and better at some trivia.

So if you are hunting for a new book…

Try one of the 8 million+ that aren’t on any best seller list!

How to find good books:

  • Talk to a librarian.
  • You have a 50/50 shot with Asimov’s non-fiction.
  • Browse Amazon for older books with a few positive reviews.

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