My Favourite Netflix Hack

Netflix is an insidious monster eating your life.

Seriously, Netflixzilla is right up there with low job satisfaction, sitting in traffic and air pollution.


Because the Big Netty is leeching your time via “binge watching”; two words that when they come together you should completely loathe.

Here’s what’s up…

You binge watch for a handful of reasons: boredom, habit, a need for completion, etc. And yet the reason doesn’t really matter; the issue is that you are binge watching instead of binge living.

And Netfizzle loves this; they even use your poor time management for PR and promotion. “Come watch the most binged show on Netfox”, as if millions of people with a bad habit is positive social proof.

Netfizzle gets your life, you get to procrastinate on your dreams and for some reason only $7 per month changes hands. Oh, because Netflip also gets to play the stock market game.

There are a couple of ways to win your time back from Netfish…

You could just delete your subscription and ban it all together; AKA the Cold Turkey Method.

Or you can do a maneuver I call the Anti-Binge. Here’s how it works:

  1. Watch the first episode of a season. Fast forward the boring parts.
  2. Immediately skip to the final episode of that season. Fast forward the boring parts.

Ta-da. You just short circuited all the leverage Netfingle has on you. Now, instead of “I keep watching because I need to finish terrible shows the same way I do movies and books”, you get to say, “okay, I finished the show, what can I do next?”

The Anti-Binge works because you watch the good first episode that launches the story arch and the good final episode that gives you closure and gets you excited for next season. Everything between is usually mediocre.

If you are hardcore, then you can do the Extreme Anti-Binge; just watch the first episode of season one and the last episode of the final season. The time savings are huge; it’s like if you were going to paddle to China and you teleport instead.

Here’s how much time you could save by Extreme Anti-Bingeing:

  • 7 seasons of Star Trek the Next Generation: 174 hours (more than a week)
  • 9 seasons of 24: 207 hours (8+ days)
  • 4 seasons of Heroes + Heroes Reborn: 87 hours (3+ days)
  • Blah, blah, blah, etc.

Netfickle wants you to spend your life on the couch, but you can do better with the Anti-Binge. Your time is precious…

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