How to Build a Business on a Cruise Ship: Scott Long, Ante Up Poker Media

Scott Long built a “poker cruises” business called Ante Up Poker Media (they also do a popular poker podcast and magazine). I’ve met professional poker players, I’ve met people that host conferences, and I’ve met a tonne of people on cruise ships – but Scott Long is the first entrepreneur I’ve met that combines all three.

Here’s why Scott’s business is dope:

  • he brings 150+ people on cruises, 4x times per year to play poker in a competitive & fun environment;
  • he earns a small markup on the rooms, and a % of every single poker hand played – this is a great example of how incremental gains can add up to a successful business;
  • he works hard and makes sacrifices, and now he gets to cruise around doing what he loves.

I love this interview because “poker cruises” or conferences on cruises, etc. are a totally new business concept for me. Scott was very transparent about how his business model works, including specific financial numbers, his fears and insecurities and the technical operations of coordinating and running the cruises.

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